Pillhead and Guru Jordan Peterson has Neurological Damage and Cannot Type or Walk Unaided

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
February 11, 2020

Jordan Peterson is Jordan Peterson’s poster child for Jordan Peterson’s life advice.

He even wrote a book about the rules that you have to follow in order to end up with a huge slut of a daughter, neurological damage and stuff.

But things aren’t looking good for the room-cleaning guru.

National Post:

Jordan Peterson is recovering from a severe addiction to benzodiazepine tranquilizers and was recently near death in an induced coma, his daughter Mikhaila said.

He is being treated at a clinic in Russia after being repeatedly misdiagnosed at several hospitals in North America, she said.

The University of Toronto psychologist who became an intellectual hero to a global audience by aligning self-help theory with anti-progressive politics was first prescribed the medication a few years ago to treat anxiety after what Mikhaila described as an autoimmune reaction to food. His physical dependence on it became apparent to his family last April, when his wife Tammy was diagnosed with cancer.

Maybe following Mikhaila Peterson’s diagnosis and advice significantly contributed to Dr. Peterson’s demise.

The last year, which saw him retreat from public life after swiftly becoming one of the most famous authors in the world, has been an “absolute hell,” said Mikhaila, also a well known speaker on diet, who advocates eating only beef.

In November, he went to a rehabilitation centre in New York. He has previously discussed his long history of depression.

His conditioned worsened through the winter, Mikhaila said. He was driven to thoughts of suicide by a movement disorder called akathisia, a well known side effect of various drugs for mental illnesses. It is a sense of restlessness and an inability to sit still.

“It became apparent that he was experiencing a paradoxical reaction to the medication, meaning the benzos did the opposite of what they’re supposed to do. These reactions are rare but are not unheard of,” Mikhaila said in the script for a video shared with the National Post.

Jordan Peterson has only just come out of an intensive care unit, Mikhaila said. He has neurological damage, and a long way to go to full recovery. He is taking anti-seizure medication and cannot type or walk unaided, but is “on the mend” and his sense of humour has returned.

Jordan Peterson and his family are cursed.

His house is full of cursed objects.

Very creepy stuff.

Mikhaila can go ahead and continue to pretend that their problems are somehow related to diet and that they’re somehow only meant to eat tallow and beef as she continues to ignore her visions of demons, but that won’t get her or her family any closer to solving their actual problem.

They need to seek help from God and find an actual exorcist.

They also need to burn their house to the ground without removing any of the stuff it currently has inside.

Fire must cleanse it all.

They have to hurry though.

Time is running out for them.