Pikeville March: Anti-White Protest Rally Canceled by Organizers

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
April 28, 2017

The Traditionalist Worker Party’s Pikeville rally to take back May Day tomorrow could be a turning point in the Alt-Right movement. Taking back this labor holiday from the transsexuals and Reddit Anarcuck controlled-opposition will be a vital symbolic gesture.

It’s too early to call victory, but college campus Pepsi-revolutionaries are already pulling the plug on their anti-white protest. They are probably lacking support.

LEX 18:

Organizers of a local peace rally to stand in contrast to a planned white supremacist event announced Thursday afternoon that they have cancelled their plans for Saturday.

Organizers began planning the Rally for Equality and American Values at the University of Pikeville back in February, almost as soon as the Traditionalist Worker Party announced its intention to converge on Pikeville for a rally.

With that said, this is only the “above-ground” front protest they’re talking about. The latest rehash of violent terrorist group “Anti-Racist Action” plans to bus in thugs from nearby cities to try and provoke violence in Pikeville.

In the statement, she said “unforeseen credible threats” forced the decision to cancel in order to protect the safety of participants.

The University of Pikeville is encouraging individuals to avoid downtown Pikeville this weekend.

“The TWP has become expert in obeying the letter of the law while getting as close as possible to inciting violence. The ARA and ANTIFA will stand nose to nose with the TWP in an attempt to shout them down. Unfortunately, they may also be planning a more violent conflict. There are grave concerns among the law enforcement community that Pikeville was chosen by these groups precisely because it is a rural, safe town,” a release from the University reads.

Legal self-defense measures by our guys, combined with cellphone cameras and livestreaming/social media, is the bane of the Leftist scum. They attack you, you smash them, and it’s all on film vindicating you amidst institutional prejudices. The ability to dox the criminals who get away, thanks to /pol/’s new facial recognition program, has made their strategy largely obsolete.

In Pikeville, the recent ordinances to ban masks, combined with open carry and castle doctrine laws, means Antifa counter-revolutionary numbers will be thinner than Nicholas Cages hair. It will be interesting to see how they adapt their violent tactics without the ability to hide their identities or vanish behind a smokescreen of “peaceful” liberal demonstrators.

The domestic terrorist group Anti-Racist Action still plans to show up to cause violence, so your attendance remains important. Let’s show up in big numbers and start taking back our communities.

The Antifa scum were unable to stop Gavin McInnes – an urbanite whose pastimes include shoving things in his butt on TV and making out with men to fight Sharia Law – and this was at Berkeley. 

What are they going to do in Kentucky against military veterans and fervent nationalists who outnumber them and are well-versed in self-defense? We’ll see tomorrow.

We’ll be streaming it here for those who can’t make it!

Godspeed to the Traditionalist Worker Party, and all the comrades heading down there to show solidarity. Let’s put the Cuckservative cowards to shame.

Hail Victory.