Pigeon Wearing Tiny Hat Discovered in Reno

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
January 18, 2020

We need good optics. Not just as a movement, but also as a people and as a country.

Allowing pigeons to roam our land without wearing tiny hats is bad optics.

If we are to be taken seriously, we can’t allow our cities to be plagued with animals that have no sense of style or regard for beauty.


A pigeon wearing a tiny sombrero in Reno, Nevada, was discovered following sightings of its cowboy hat-wearing cousins in Las Vegas, a city manager said.

Reno City Manager Sabra Newby tweeted about the bird Wednesday, saying it’s quirky and fun but still inhumane, KOLO-TV reported.

It is the first known sighting of hat-wearing birds in the region, Washoe County Regional Animal Services officials said.

The sighting comes after a pigeon in Las Vegas with a miniature cowboy hat glued to its head died earlier this week, animal officials said.

Reno cares about our animals,” Newby said. “They need protection and don’t need to become a punchline.”

It’s okay to care about animals, but beauty, style, and optics should come first.

There is literally no reason why all pigeons in white countries shouldn’t be wearing a wide variety of tiny hats.

Bad optic lovers may argue that wearing tiny hats can make pigeons’ lives shorter, but what matters isn’t the length of the pigeons’ lives but the impact it has on the population.

Tiny hats give pigeons’ lives meaning.

Little hats on the little heads of birds bring joy to the people who cross paths with them.

Bringing joy to people is a dignifying act.

Anyone who opposes the presence of tiny hats on the heads of pigeons is opposing joy itself and denying pigeons the chance to contribute back to the society they benefit so much from.