Piers Morgan Systematically Destroys the Evil Moslem Terrorist Sadiq Khan

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
June 8, 2017

Piers Morgan asked the evil Islamic terrorist Sadiq Khan some tough questions.

Piers Morgan had the evil Moslem terrorist mayor of London Sadiq Khan on Good Morning Britain the other day. He completely destroyed the disgusting brown bastard.

He lashed out at Khan for claiming that he didn’t have enough resources to track Islamic terrorists coming back from the Middle East. As if this would not be a top police priority by default.

He also criticized him for not knowing where any of these terrorists end up. Morgan made many other pertinent points that revealed Khan to be a true enemy of the British people.

Khan is playing the role of the so-called “good” Moslem. In many ways, Moslems like Khan are worse than the one’s who are killing infidels. It’s his role to present Islam in a good light. This is done to prevent the native population from rising up and demanding real action against their group.

Here’s a few clips from the interview.

As far as British politics go, you could say that Morgan is a left to the center type of person. You might remember that Morgan did a CNN show a few years back where he tried to lecture Americans on guns and other issues. He’s no nationalist, that’s for sure.

His interview with Alex Jones was probably one of the show’s most memorable moments.

The fact that someone like Morgan challenged Khan like this is a sign that people across the political spectrum are getting upset. They’re trying to figure out why the government is not doing anything proactive to stop Moslems from killing people.

It is honestly a very strange situation. You have Western governments working with invading third world populations against the native White population they’re supposed to represent and protect.

The reason this situation has occurred is that an alien force known as the Jew has gained political power in our countries. They did this through manipulation and fraud. Khan’s ascension to power in London is just a natural manifestation of this phenomenon.