Photos Emerge of Bill Clinton Getting Massaged by an Epstein Girl

The Daily Mail has uncovered pictures of Bill Clinton being massaged by one of Jeffrey Epstein’s “sex slaves.”

Chauntae Davies, then a fat 22-year-old massage therapist, has claimed she was “raped” by Epstein while she was working for him flying around the world giving massages to famous people.

She’s said that Bill Clinton was gentlemanly.

The photos were taken during a 2002 trip to Africa with famous people, who included Chris Tucker and disgraced homosexual Kevin Spacey.

This doesn’t really look like sex slavery or rape to me, actually. But that was the premise of the thousands of words long Daily Mail article: sex slavery and rape.

I’m getting a little bit exhausted by the whole “oh my God I was only 22 and I didn’t know what sex was so he raped me” story we all keep hearing constantly, throughout all of society.

But the fact that this entire Epstein fiasco has been flipped on its head and become “yeah okay but what about the poor little innocent hookers?” is just beyond the pale.

This man was apparently an Israeli Mossad agent running a global blackmail ring. He’s got some kind of pagan temple on his private island.

I’m sorry, I don’t care about hooker remorse. I just simply don’t care about it.

I want to know about:

  1. The Jewish agenda
  2. The satanic rituals

There are about a million other things I would like to know about before I would like to know about the sob stories of old hookers.

But I do suppose this is probably going to look bad for the Democrats and so on.