Phoenix This Saturday: Massive Rally Incoming! Be There!

This is it, folks.

We’re hitting the big time in the big city – Phoenix, baby.


Get there.

You all saw Atlanta.

It was the best thing ever in all of American history.

Now, Nick Fuentes is going to Phoenix, and you need to be there.

It’s at noon at the Arizona State Capitol.

You just show up.

The value of you showing up can’t be overestimated.

We need these people on the street.

Watch the video of Real President’s Thanksgiving press conference, and know that he needs YOU.

It’s not clear if Alex Jones is going to be there.

But Nick Fuentes is going to be there.

Furthermore: all of the e-celebs you love are going to be there, including Ethan Ralph, Baked Alaska, and probably many of the people from the Baked Alaska Extended Universe, such as Flat Earth Boxer and Steel Puma. Maybe even Sami and her dad.

But the most important person that is going to be there is YOU.

Listen to me: If Joe Biden ever becomes president, you are going to regret not doing more. These people are going to release hell on us if they take control. All of us have a national, moral and spiritual duty to fight.

We don’t have any choice, folks.