Phoenix: Cop Killed While Responding to a Domestic Violence Call (Guess He Should Have Minded His Own Business)

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 30, 2020

It’s sad when people die.

But people who sign up to be cops know that the biggest part of their job is going to be going to interfere with men’s marriages, because the official rules of our society are that the government exists to serve the emotional needs of women.

Fox News:

A police officer for the Phoenix Police Department died Sunday night and two others were injured while responding to a domestic violence call that turned chaotic, the department said in a statement.

The two other officers are expected to recover.

The deceased officer was identified as Greg Carnicle, a commander at the department who was months away from retirement. He served on the force for 31 years and was most recently the head of all evening and weekend patrol operations, the statement read.

The natural reaction of any man when his wife tries to involve other men in a domestic dispute, and the men agree to become involved, is one of absolute rage. That is just basic human psychology.

And some men are not going to deal with that well and are going to react in an extreme manner.

I don’t hate the cops, but they took jobs as enforcers of a bizarre and evil system. Even if they don’t understand how evil the system is, they still risk being held responsible for the evil acts they are paid to do.

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