Philly: Students Urged to Call the Police if They Can Find the Guy Who Posted These Identity Evropa Fliers

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 20, 2017

The terrorist… or perhaps I should say… the guy who posted the fliers…

So I guess posting polically incorrect fliers is illegal now?


Why are they telling people to call the police?

And posting CCTV images of the flier poster as if he is a terrorist bomber?


Two local colleges are investigating white supremacist fliers that were found posted on campus this week.

The fliers in question appear to belong to the group “Identity Evropa,” who the Anti-Defamation League identifies as a “white supremacist group focused on the preservation of white American culture and promoting white European identity.”

In recent days, fliers apparently belonging to the group were found at Stockton University in Atlantic County, New Jersey, and at Elizabethtown College, in Pennsylvania.

The ADL says Identity Evropa spreads its propaganda via the Internet and by distributing fliers, posters, and stickers, especially on college campuses.

Students at Stockton captured images of some of the posters before they were taken down.

“Our generation, our future, our last chance,” one of the fliers read.

“Action, leadership, identify,” read another poster.

So I guess that is…

Pure hatred for the color of the skin?


What, exactly?

In a letter to Stockton students, Student Senate President Victoria Dambroski said that the “matter is being investigated” and that the campus is “not a home for hate.”

Ah, yes.

Pure hatred for the color of the skin.

A spokesperson for Stockton did not say the fliers on their campus belonged to a white supremacist group, but did say they are seeking the identity of three individuals who they believe to be involved in the posting of “unauthorized fliers around the Stockton University campus on Sunday.”

“Elizabethtown College strongly condemns the placement of the stickers and posters as well as Identity Evropa’s purpose and philosophy. We, as a community, affirm the values of peace, non-violence, human dignity and social justice for all,” said the university in a statement to CBS Philly.

Their philosophy is that “white people have a right to exist,” by the way.

These guys aren’t exactly Stormer-tier.

It’s unclear at this time if the persons of interest in New Jersey are connected to the Elizabethtown incident.

Anyone who can identify the individuals at Stockton is urged to call police at 609-652-4390.

Students with information at Elizabethtown College is asked to call police at 717-361-1111.



Just to be clear here, people: posting fliers isn’t illegal. The media just wants you to believe that it is, which is why they do the terror-bomber type CCTV photo and tell you to call the police.

And you should post them.

White Nationalist flyers spotted by multiple people on the campus of Stockton University, NJ.If you see somebody…

Posted by Mason Utena on Montag, 18. September 2017

I advise you not to post them on your own university campus, however. Because you can get suspended for that, and it this point, probably expelled as well.

Just make sure you post them in a way that is not vandalism. That is, don’t use glue. And be careful with stickers.

Using pins (on a bulletin board) or scotch tape is fine.