Philly: Jews Destroy Another One of Their Own Graveyards to Blame Trump

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 27, 2017

Oh, how convenient.

Another vandalized Jew cemetery for the Jews to attack Donald Trump over.

And again, there are no arrests and no suspects.

What a huge, massive, gigantic, monumental surprise.

Fox News:

More than 100 headstones have been damaged at a Jewish cemetery in Philadelphia, authorities said Sunday.

WPVI reported that Aaron Mallin discovered the damage Sunday morning when he arrived at Mount Carmel Cemetery to visit his father’s grave. Police said that they received a call from a man that three of his relatives’ headstones had been knocked over and damaged.

“The cemetery was inspected and approximately 100 additional headstones were found to be knocked over,” apparently sometime after dark Saturday, a police spokeswoman said in a statement. A criminal mischief-institutional vandalism investigation will be conducted by the police Northeast Detectives Division, she said.

“I’m hoping it was maybe just some drunk kids. But the fact that there’s so many, it leads one to think it could have been targeted,” Mallin told the station. “It’s just very heartbreaking.”

Stacy Silver told that the tombstones of her mother and great-grandmother had been toppled to the ground.

“Your stomach just drops,” Silver said. “I mean it’s just horrible.”

Police did not say whether they had any suspects in the case or whether they knew of a motive.

“It’s criminal. This is beyond vandalism,” Capt. Shawn Thrush told “It’s beyond belief.”

Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney said authorities were doing everything possible to find those “who desecrated this final resting place.”

“My heart breaks for the families who found their loved ones’ headstones toppled,” he said in a statement. “Hate is not permissible in Philadelphia.

Israeli foreign ministry spokesman Emmanuel Nahshon called the damage reported in Philadelphia “shocking and a source of worry.”

Police said Sunday evening that the Anti-Defamation League, due to support from the Mizel Family Foundation, is offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible. A local Fraternal Order of Police lodge also is offering a reward of $3,000.

So obviously, I don’t know for a fact that Jews did this.

But Occam’s Razor says they did.

They are screeching like drowning sewer rats about how “anti-Semitism” is rising after the Trump election, and searching for things to validate this claim.

Of course, when Jews talk about how “something needs to be done about rising anti-Semitism” they mean “the goyim know – shut it down.” They mean that more and more people are becoming aware of their collective racial behavior patterns and are talking about it, and they demand that speech be silenced to stop people from talking about it.

But, it’s very difficult to come to the government with “hey, the goyim know, please shut them down on the internet so they can’t discuss our criminal behaviors.” So, they need these atrocity hoaxes to back-up their narrative – their narrative that they are the most powerful and yet somehow also the most victimized group on the planet, and the only way to stop their oppression is to silence free speech.

Loading the Wrong Program After the Election

Pictured: Disgusting Jew children smoking. Their parents give them cigarettes. I don’t know why. I guess it’s their culture.

Basically, the Jews of the ADL – along with virtually all other Jews – were banking on a Hillary win.

On November 17th, nine days after the election, the ADL held a conference in New York calling for the government to ban “anti-Semitism” on the internet.

Clearly, this was a program designed for a Hillary administration. But in 9 days, you can’t change the program. And they didn’t have anything to change it to anyway.

So they’re still trying to run this program they planned for the Clinton reign. But they are getting zero traction. So, as if on cue – as if – we have a bunch of fake bomb threats to Jewish centers and cemeteries getting vandalized.

The bomb threats are particularly obvious – last time I checked up on it, they were saying there had been 67 of them. And no one has been caught, no one has even been questioned over it. While the security services have no issue tracking General Flynn and giving the info over to the New York Times, they can’t track a serial prank caller committing dozens of serious felonies.

I mean, it is possible that someone could make these calls untraceably – I guess it is possible – but such a person would be smart. Smart enough to know that these bomb hoaxes only benefit the Jews. So, it is simply obvious that the Jews are responsible for these calls. I of course cannot prove that, but the odds are a 1000-to-1 it’s the Jews.

Cemetery vandalism is less obvious, in that it would be possible for random people to randomly attack a Jew cemetery. Unlike the bomb hoaxes, you don’t have to have a serious level of intelligence to pull this off. However, it is simply obvious that the only people who benefit from this are the Jews themselves.

According to the Jew internet, The Daily Stormer is the number one hate site in the world. And we stand 100% opposed to bomb hoax calls and cemetery vandalism. So who would do it?

And the Jews aren’t even shy about using this to push their own agenda. They are doing it openly and aggressively, to the point where if you confronted them and asked them “is this good for the Jews?” they would have to answer in the affirmative.

The feds need to investigate all of this very aggressively, and find who is responsible for all of these alleged anti-Jew “attacks.”

Because I’ll tell you what: I wouldn’t be surprised if the ADL itself is organizing all of this. And that sure would be a good reason to get this rat off the back of the Trump administration. I mean, if they get caught organizing felony hate crimes against themselves, no one can really say you’re anti-Semitic for shutting them the hell down.

And even if they don’t get caught, you’ll know it was them if Jonathan Greenblatt is replaced as the head of the organization in the near future. Which I think might happen soon. This guy is no Abe Foxman.