Philly: Dunkin’ Donuts Antifa Arrest Nationalist Defending Himself From Terrorists

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
November 6, 2017

Cops in America are out of control. If you live in a blue state and defend your life against J-left Antifa terrorism, expect to be arrested no matter what. The goal of the system is to ensure that commies and trannies rampage through the streets of America while the silent majority stays silent.

As you can see, blue Jude star Twitter was salivating over the image of cops arresting this innocent man. Assumptions about his politics by kike bugmen is all they need to know.

They purposely omitted footage from what happened before, where the individual targeted was filmed engaging in textbook self-defense. Bull-dykes started spitting and charging at him for no reason and he used the minimum amount of force needed to subdue them.

The police did not arrest the two aggressors, naturally. You can clearly see the waddling policeman in the bicycle helmet witnessing the entire incident, and yet they still arrested him and let the criminals go.

Will they release him without charges now that this footage is out?

The system is illegitimate and the police really are out to get you just for your beliefs (or whatever the ADL says your beliefs are).

That’s why you need to know your rights, film EVERYTHING (yes, the police will lie) and always assume the cops around you are running interference for the Antifa.

But it’s just as important to never hesitate to defend your life and property from this brazen J-left criminals.