Philly Antifa Attack Indian Man’s Car After Misidentifying Him as a Nazi

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
May 6, 2017

Thomas “Tom” Keenan of New Jersey, Leader of Philly Antifa

The small time outfit “Philly Antifa,”an organization close to Daryle Lamont Jenkins’ One Primate’s Project, has recently committed violent vandalism against a brown person and his Muslim roommate. These individuals lived in the same apartment building as an alleged “Neo-Nazi” that was recently doxed and who left the premise. Their property was attacked probably due to imprecise doxing.

The Philly Orphans like to talk a lot about fake raids, but it appears this time they went through with it. They threw a brick through a couple apartment windows beneath a room where a baby was sleeping, and wrecked this Indian man’s car.

He isn’t too happy about it.

The question here is: where is the police investigation? This group associated with Daryle Lamont Jenkins (who works closely with the Southern Poverty Law Center) posts people’s personal information on the internet, then commits crimes against listed targets (whether the information is accurate or not), yet nothing happens to them. Most of their activists (all 12 of them) have been doxed, they have been arrested for political violence before, yet they are free to continue engaging in this type of behavior.

That’s the two-tiered system: one that protects literal terrorists, while power Zionists at the SPLC lead legal crusades to silence journalists.

But The Orphans better beware. They’re getting tested more and more, and they don’t have the strength nor the heart to survive it.

Can these armchair revolutionaries (Philly Antifa) really win in a fair fight?


I guess there’s only one way to find out.