Philly: 5-Year-Old Fancy Boy Does Gay Fundraiser to Save Vermin Koalas

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 16, 2020

You’d better hurry up and do something quick, because this little fancy boy faggot koala-lover is the future of white men in America.

At least he didn’t sell nude photographs of himself.


He may be nearly 17,000km away, but five-year-old Charlie’s generosity knows no bounds.

Originally from Adelaide, little Charlie lives in Philadelphia, US, with his family.

After seeing the devastation in the Adelaide Hills and Kangaroo Island, he wanted to do something for his family’s home state.

“He woke on Saturday morning saying he wanted to raise money for the Australian bushfire crisis,” Charlie’s grandfather Robert told 7NEWS.

So, the five-year-old set up a lemonade stand in front of a busy supermarket on South Street, a main thoroughfare in South Philadelphia.

Thanks to his hard work, Charlie raised $US260 for the South Australian Country Fire Service.

What a little faggot.

Where is this money even going? Does Australia need more hoses and water?

Bushfires are a natural phenomenon and part of the way certain biomes manage themselves. Yes, it is hard for civilization to exist next to this phenomenon, sometimes, but it should only be looked at in terms of how it effects civilization – i.e., how many houses or necessary nature preserves it burns. Turning it into a social justice signaling thing and pretending it somehow relates to people not eating bugs and not driving $90,000 Teslas is just a bunch of nonsensical gobbledygook.

I hope every koala dies. They are vermin and a nuisance animal, like raccoons. Can you imagine if some little 5-year-old faggot in Australia was doing fundraisers to save the raccoons in America?

And before “it’s his parents’ fault.”

Of course the koala justice lemonade stand is his parents’ fault.

But just look at him.

Hello, yes, I’m trying to reach the YIKES department.

He’s a little gayboy mutant creature.

This is what we have wrought: mutant freak children.

And it’s maybe his parents’ fault he’s a mutant freak, but it isn’t something they did on purpose. You can tell by looking at this kid that his problems are primarily biological.

These freak mutations are being caused by chemicals in the environment. Namely, plastics and food additives.

The zoomers are the last generation in which any white westerner will look remotely like a normal human being. What is coming after them is going to be an absolute freakshow of sick faggot men and hostile, aggressive, square-jawed women.