Philippines: Stupid Bitch Says She’s Going to Stop Duterte from Killing “Innocent” Drug Dealers

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 12, 2019

Oh because of course it’s some stupid cunt doing this.

In a country without Jews, it’s going to be some cunt every single time.


The new head of the anti-drugs campaign in the Philippines, Leni Robredo, has said the “killing of the innocent” must come to an end, referring to a government policy human rights groups have blamed for thousands of state-sponsored killings.

She is a leading opposition figure and vocal critic of President Rodrigo Duterte but she is also the country’s vice-president – a directly elected position in the Philippines.

Mr Duterte has been facing growing criticism of his controversial crackdown on illegal drug sales and use and has appointed Ms Robredo after she angered him by saying his drug policy “obviously wasn’t working”.

The only reason that there are women in public life in the Philippines at all is Western influence.

It was only ever white people – mostly being led by Jews – who independently invented the idea of giving women “rights.” Every other society, all throughout history, has rightly viewed them as property, to be used by men for the purposes of men.

They have the minds of children, and the agendas of demons. They can only behave well when they are controlled by a man.

It’s like Jesse Lee Peterson says: God over man, man over woman.

There is no other way to have a functional society.