Philippines: Sickening Amnesty International Calls for Probe Into Duterte Protecting the People From Drugs

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 8, 2019

Amnesty International is a completely Jewish organization, okay? All Jews and women.

And their only goal is to destroy countries by propping up the lowest filth they can find and using them as a weapon against the majority.

So of course, the Philippines’ Rody Duterte is a target, even though he has one of the highest approval ratings of any leader in the world, because he protects the people from violent criminal drug users.


Impunity and unlawful killings are going on unabated in the Philippines, three years into a war on drugs, with a pattern of executions under the guise of police sting operations and a state unwilling to investigate, a rights group said on Monday.

London-based Amnesty International urged the United Nations Human Rights Council to approve a resolution calling for an investigation into the Philippines, where there was a “perilous normalization” of illegal executions and police abuses.

A vote on the resolution by the 47-member council is expected later this week.

The exact number of dead in President Rodrigo Duterte’s war on drugs is impossible to independently verify, but many thousands have been killed, about 6,600 of those during operations in which police said suspects were armed and fought back.

Amnesty, in a report titled “They Just Kill”, said the authorities used “deliberate obfuscation and misinformation” to make it impossible to monitor the full extent of killings, which overwhelmingly targeted poor and marginalized communities lacking the means or support to mount legal challenges against police.

It is the poor and marginalized who feel the effects of drugs!

They’re the ones who love Duterte!

If you live in a high-rise in Makati, you don’t worry about this stuff.

Duterte protects the people!

And they love him!

They rally with signs saying they SUPPORT the war on drugs and want MORE killings!

But Amnesty doesn’t give a fuck about the people. They only care about protecting the fiends who hurt the people.

Amnesty’s report, compiled in April, focused on Bulacan province, the new epicenter of the crackdown, examining 27 killings there during 20 incidents, 18 of which were official police operations.

In three-quarters of incidents, those killed were on “watch lists” of people in communities with suspected use or involvement in drugs, Amnesty found.

It viewed those lists as unreliable and illegitimate “seeming to guide decisions about whom the police are targeting for arrest, or in some cases, to kill”.

Based on witnesses and other information, it concluded half were extrajudicial killings. It said the other incidents pointed broadly to previous patterns of executions, but it could not obtain sufficient evidence and information to be certain.

The police narrative that undercover officers posing as drug buyers had killed only in self defense “doesn’t meet the feeblest standards of credibility”, Amnesty concluded.

Seriously, these people want to prattle on about how I’m a “racist” because I think the country of my ancestors belongs to me. At the same time, they feel they have a right to force their own backward value system on the entire third world.

I have never tried to force my will on anyone, ever.

All I have said is that I should be able to have a home.

The Jews don’t think I should be able to have a home – but neither do they believe the Filipinos should be able to have a home. They believe they should be able to dictate to them the way their country is run.

Sick, sick, sick.

This is why people hate Jews.