Philippines Refuses to Cooperate with US Sanctions, Continues Working with China

Rody Duterte is low-key on the international news scene, because the Philippines isn’t really a very important country.

Nonetheless, he continues to fight the good fight, and refused to be bowed by ZOG imperialism.


The Philippines is moving forward with projects that involve a Chinese firm under U.S. sanctions.

Subsidiaries of Beijing-owned China Communications Construction Co. are under U.S. sanctions targeting Chinese militarization of the South China Sea. Those restrictions are not of concern, Manila said Tuesday.

“Americans can blacklist Chinese companies in their territories in America and maybe in their military bases under their jurisdiction,” Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte’s spokesman Harry Roque said Tuesday, according to Rappler.

“But what the president said was clear: He will not follow the directives of Americans because we are a free and independent nation and we need those investments from China.”

Roque also said the Philippines is “not a vassal state of any foreign power.”

Duterte has been building a relationship with Chinese President Xi Jinping since his election in 2016. China has offered loans and investment pledges to help with Duterte’s $180 billion infrastructure program.

China Harbor Engineering Co., a CCCC subsidiary that is not under U.S. sanctions, is to begin work on a railway project linked to two former U.S. military bases in the Philippines, according to the Nikkei Asian Review on Tuesday.

As the option of working with China becomes more viable for countries outside of their immediate sphere, a lot of third world countries are going to recognize that there really isn’t much to be gained from working with the United States Government. All they really do is try to force you to have anal sex with men and allow your women to rule over you, as they bully you into wars.

For these countries, it’s usually worth the money. But if China has money to throw around, why not skip the anal and war?

As the economic disparity between China and the US grows as a result of the US deciding to destroy its economy with a lockdown hoax and China declining to do that, this shift is going to intensify.

It’s not really clear what the plan of the United States is. They were already losing power and influence globally, mostly to China, then all of a sudden they decided to implode the economy. It’s going to help them with their domestic agenda, to eliminate small businesses and the entire middle class and transfer all wealth to the ultra-elite, and on some level, that will presumably help them perform on the international stage.

Ultimately, if the middle class is eliminated, the government and big business will be more powerful. People think they were gaining power from selling people things, but the economy doesn’t really work like that anymore. When people aren’t working to produce something, and are instead working to sell each other things, you can just cut them out without losing anything from the zero sum pot.

The thing is, this transition period is going to be extremely chaotic, and is going to take several years. It’s going to be tough for them to pull off this confrontation with China in the midst of the transition.