Philippines: Duterte Breaks off Negotiations with Commie Terrorists

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
November 23, 2017

You should have negotiated, commies.

The Philippines have been under threat of communist uprising for like 50 years, now.

Duterte is really getting squeezed on all sides here: Moslem terrorists to his right, Commies to his left, and gay sons of bitches behind him.

Gay sons of bitches might be the biggest threat of them all.

Good thing he’s a badass mofo, and can handle infinite amounts of pressure. Duterte has a heart of iron and a spine of titanium. He’s probably already plotting his attack on the commie scum terrorizing his people.


The government has canceled all planned meetings with the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) after President Rodrigo Duterte ordered the termination of peace talks with the communist insurgents, Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process Jesus Dureza said on Wednesday.

Dureza said the national government was terminating the talks after the failure of the CPP and its armed wing, the New People’s Army (NPA), in reciprocating peace overtures from the President. But he said he was still hopeful that this would turn out to be a temporary setback.

“We are hereby announcing today the cancellation of all planned meetings with the CPP/NPA/NDFP (National Democratic Front of the Philippines) in line with President Duterte’s directive that there will be no more peace talks with them,” he said in a statement.

No peace. Only war – total war.

There’s two types of people you can’t negotiate with: terrorists, and commies. And also, Jews. Three type of people. I guess you can’t negotiate with faggots, either…

Let’s just say there’s a few types of people you can’t negotiate with, and commie terrorists are definitely part of that categorization.

The NDFP is the political arm of the CPP.

Recent tragic and violent incidents all over the country committed by the communist rebels left the President with no other choice but to arrive at this decision. We take guidance from the President’s recent announcements and declarations,” Dureza said.

On Tuesday, Mr. Duterte said Malacañang was preparing the official proclamation terminating the peace talks and categorizing the NPA as a terrorist organization.

“I no longer want to talk, especially after their last ambush of a police officer where a 4-month-old girl who was in the arms of the mother [was killed],” he said.

The baby was killed when NPA members ambushed a police vehicle in Barangay Tikalaan, Talakag, Bukidnon, on Nov. 11. The baby and her mother were in a Toyota Fortuner that was behind the police vehicle.

Duterte probably has no intentions of “negotiating” anything with these people. He just needs a bit of respite to focus on his other enemies one at a time: the drug cartels, the Moslem uprising, the foreign infiltrators…

But it seems the commies never had any intention of doing anything but to continue their murderous rampage.

This wanton violence will only strengthen the people’s faith in Duterte, their willingness to grant him more power and authority so that he might crush all their enemies. The leader has already said that “martial law” wasn’t good enough for him, and that if his enemies try to overthrow his government, that he would take even more drastic measures.

That’s right. Duterte has threatened to overthrow his own government in order to better smite his enemies.

That’s… that’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever heard.

Are you sure you want to keep fucking with this guy?