Philippines: 4,000 Drug-Involved Persons Surrender in Mindinao

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 10, 2016


Thousands of drug dealers, addicts, etc. surrender in a mall!

Rody Duterte, the Ultimate Shitlord, has somehow taken over the former CIA base of the Philippines. He recently told people to just start exterminating drug addicts on the streets.

Now, those involved in the drug trade are simply surrendering, in mass, to the new leader.

Davao Today:

A total of 4,064 personalities involved in illegal drug trade surrendered in Tagum City on Saturday, July 9, the local government said.

The “overwhelming number of surrenderees” include “drug users, pushers, dependents and couriers”, said a news release by the Tagum City Information Office.

Tagum City Mayor Allan L. Rellon said the campaign is “a proactive approach of eradicating illegal drugs in the city and a clear demonstration of support to President Rodrigo R. Duterte’s all-out war against drugs and criminalities.”

Pres. Duterte has vowed to curb the problem on illegal drugs within “3-6 months” of his term.

The surrenderees is called as TADS or Tagumenyos Against Drugs, as they are now seen by the government as “enlightened individuals who freed themselves from drug-dependence.”

“This overwhelming number is made possible through the Philippine National Police’s Oplan Tokhang (knock and plead), which the local police has conducted in a series of house-to-house operation in all 23 barangays of Tagum since last week,” Rellon said.

Rellon said the surrenderees will undergo a four-phased program to be implemented by the City Anti-Drug Abuse Council and the Barangay Anti- Drug Abuse Council to ensure their rehabilitation.

Their participation to the launching of the Intensive Anti-Illegal Drugs Campaign last July 9, is the first phase, Rellon said.

After an individual completes the rehabilitation course set by the local government he will be eliminated from the surveillance list of the local police and will be called as STAND or Seryosong Tagumenyo Ayaw Na sa Droga (Tagumeños who are serious against drugs).

It’s an incredibly thing he’s doing in this country. We watch in awe.

He dgaf, and this makes it very easy to solve problems.

Our drug problems in America are different, however, as they relate much more to immigrants and native Negroes than they do to our own people selling us out.

The Duterte strategy would not be necessary in America. However, the spirit of this cleansing is necessary.

We need to apply this to deportations.

Just as Duterte told people to start killing drug addicts on the streets, we need to tell people to start making citizen’s arrests of immigrants. They will then begin these types of mass-surrenders.