Philadelphia: Riots Continue, Van Full of Explosives Discovered

The riots are continuing in Philadelphia over the death of the innocent boy and father of ten Walter Wallace, who was killed because of the color of his skin by racist cops.

An Antifa van full of explosives was found by the cops.

The looting is continuing, although it seems less extreme than it was the two nights previous.

They looted a RiteAid.

A Lord and Taylor store.

Various other places were looted as well, of course.

A truck got knocked over by a speeding car driven by a black.

Rioters burned down a Vietnamese church.

Citizens are saying that this is going to lead people to vote for Donald Trump.

Rumors are that Trump is considering sending in the feds.

Sympathy riots are still going on in New York, where Antifa are spray-painting “death to America.”

Sympathy riots also in Washington, D.C.

It is hard to imagine voting for Joe Biden, a pro-riot and anti-police candidate, in the middle of these riots.