Philadelphia: Black Cop-Killer was a Federal Informant the Whole Time!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
August 22, 2019

Well, that’s a rather strange coincidence, no?

The Appeal:

A federal prosecutor in Pennsylvania blamed DA Larry Krasner for a bloody standoff, but the suspect has a long relationship with the government that includes a sentence reduction because of his cooperation.

McSwain failed to mention, however, that alleged shooter Maurice Hill’s interactions with law enforcement predated Krasner taking office. Nor did McSwain acknowledge that the 36-year-old Hill, who on Saturday was charged by Krasner’s office with attempted murder and multiple counts of aggravated assault related to the incident, has been a federal informant for years, according to documents obtained by The Appeal.

In June 2008, Hill entered a guilty plea the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania for being a felon in possession of a firearm. He was sentenced in the case in 2010. In an April 2010 sentencing memorandum filed with the court, Hill’s attorney Wayne Maynard stated that federal prosecutors filed a motion for a downward departure from Hill’s guideline sentence because he provided substantial assistance to the federal government. “He has testified before the Grand Jury on two occasions, was willing to testify at trial, and provided information about a shooter that led to an arrest,” Maynard wrote. “He has cooperated with the Government and provided information that has and will likely continue to imperil his safety and that of his family.”

Maynard argued that Hill should receive a lower-than-average sentence because of his cooperation and that a federal prosecutor made a similar argument for such a sentence. The federal prosecutor’s sentencing memorandum was sealed by the court, so the specifics of the downward departure are unknown.

Hill has a lengthy arrest record dating back to when he was a teenager, but has avoided a conviction in many of the cases brought against him.

Alexandra Natapoff, professor of law at the University of California, Irvine, told The Appeal that much of federal criminal law is aimed at incentivizing cooperation and a “well known bug in the system” is that informants act with impunity knowing the government will likely turn a blind eye.

I do want to come right out and say that I DON’T think that this was a false flag or a planned event – but, obviously, there is a very good case that could be made proving that it was. I’d just point out that federal informants have a tendency of snapping and going rogue. Just because someone is a fed informant doesn’t mean that they lose all agency or love their job.

Most people get coerced into it to save their own skin from a fed plot in the first place.

This black guy could have been enacting a false flag plan by the police to trigger more support for the looming gun grab, sure… but he could have been an unstable federal informant that snapped and decided to take the fight to his former masters as well.

I’m leaning towards the second explanation.

Coupled with him finding Allah, it makes sense that he suddenly found the courage to start a shoot-out with the cops if he was assured that he was going to heaven afterward.

Taking a step back, pretty much every single major political movement or major event in the last century and a half seem to have been triggered, supported and advanced by one state interest or another. Genuine grassroots movements are hard to find and get suppressed much easier than plots by powerful cabals.

Just off the top of my head, we have government conspiracies to thank for the advent of Zionism, Communism, Islamic fundamentalism, modern art and Weaponized Gay. Some of these Frankenstein government projects seem to have gotten out of hand at one point or another because real life is messy and sometimes policymakers don’t understand the full consequences of what they’re doing when they stir the pot up and launch their plots.

There are a lot of informants and spies and federal agents running around America at the moment. It takes a lot of surveillance and a lot of secret police to keep a multicultural death cult state religion propped up and for now, the US government has endless pools of fake money to draw on to make it all happen.

I think few Americans realize that the current government employs Stasi levels of informants around the country, in just about every single demographic, political movement or hobby circle. That, coupled with all the SIGINT tech that the agencies employ to watch out communications probably puts us ahead of the Stasi situation at this point.

People need to adjust their behavior accordingly.

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