Phil from Pantera Gives White Pride Speech

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 3, 2015

Note: Video contains a whole lot of profanity.

Yesterday we covered a story about an anti-racist group violating the grave of Dimebag Darrell, the former lead guitarist of the metal band Pantera.  There was some discussion about whether or not Pantera is a “racist” group, and someone found the footage of the band’s singer, Paul Anselmo, giving a White pride speech at a concert.

He begins with the whole “I’m not a racist, but…” spiel, saying “we have friends of all colors…” and the crowd actually starts booing, which definitely lets you know where the fanbase is coming from.

He then attacks White people buy rap records and try to adopt Black culture.  He then says that the Black phrase “stop Black on Black crime” means it’s okay to kill White people, before saying if a White man walks around with a “White Pride” shirt on, he’ll get called racist.

The he says “Hey you White kids out there, let me tell you something that no other motherfucking band – White band – in the world has any guts to say.  Lemme say it right now.  When you wake up in the fucking morning, and you look at yourself in the goddamn mirror – look, hey – have all the fucking pride in your heart, man.  All the fucking pride in the world, man,” the crowd cheers loudly.  “Because we are a great people. Hey, and you know what – maybe, just maybe, tonight is a White thing, and the Black man can’t understand what the fuck I’m talking about … Open your eyes.  Open your eyes.  It’s fucking reverse discrimination is what it is … are you proud of who you are?” He then closes with the bottom line: “You think about that.  You sleep and think about it.  Because it’s your world, motherfucker.  It’s your world.  It’s your world.”

Though as I recently explained, I like the sad music, and feel it is a part of the White Man’s soul, I am very much able to see that metal music was a positive trend in White culture, though I was never into it. It was very much a way of Whites to fight back against this idea that all masculinity belongs to Negroes, and Whites are just awkward weirdos.

Perhaps sans the overly profuse profanity, Phil’s message is the exact message the White youth need to be hearing from people in positions of influence. Really, I think he delivered the message perfectly, even his “I’m not a racist, but…” intro was well done, and I agree with it. The message is not anti-anyone, it is pro-White, which is exactly what we need.

If we have pride in ourselves, we have no need or reason to hate others. It is only that we have lost our pride in ourselves, and escalated these other people over us, that we now find ourselves in this situation where we are being looted and robbed by non-Whites.