“Pfizer Vaccine is Significantly Less Effective Against South African Coronavirus Variant” -The Jews

“One is not enough, goy.”

Oh noes! The virus has mutated! It’s a NEW pandemic now, but the good thing is that all of you know the drill already.

Stay home, save lives, wear your muzzle, trust Science and believe everything that a talking face on a Glowing Screen tells you to believe.

The Jerusalem Post:

The South African variant is more resistant to the Pfizer vaccine than other coronavirus strains, according to new research conducted by Ben-Gurion University of the Negev scientists. In addition, its infectivity appears to be similar to the British variant and therefore higher than that of the original strain of the disease.

We saw a seven-fold decrease in the Pfizer vaccine’s ability to inhibit infection by the South African variant of the virus,” said Prof. Ran Taube of BGU’s Shraga Segal Department of Microbiology, Immunology and Genetics in the Faculty of Health Sciences.

The study did not take into consideration clinical data, but rather, it analyzed blood taken from inoculated patients, he told The Jerusalem Post.

“We incubated blood taken from vaccinated individuals, and we measured the ability of the antibodies to inhibit infection,” Taube said. “The vaccine still worked against the South African [variant], but in a less-efficient way.”

“We did see that the ability of the South African variant to spread is comparable to that of the British one,” he said.

The study was led by Taube and co-authored by Alona Kuzmina, Yara Khalaila, Olga Voloshin, Ayelet Keren-Naus, Liora Bohehm, Yael Raviv, Yonat Shemer-Avni and Elli Rosenberg. It was published in the journal Cell Host & Microbe on Sunday.

The group is now focusing on mapping other variants.

“The idea is to try to identify which unique mutation in the spike of the virus is responsible for each of the findings that we saw, which causes higher infectivity, which causes higher resistance to vaccination and so on,” Taube said. “There are other variants that are incubating and are emerging, and we hope to characterize each one of them in a very systematic way.”

This is what we told you – this never ends.

They’re really going to turn people into mutants. More coronavirus “variants” means more gene therapy vaccines.

This is “two weeks of lockdown to flatten the curve” all over again. They portrayed vaccination as a way to return to normal life, as some kind of effort that people had to endure once, but in reality, they planned to have multiple gene therapy vaccination rounds from the start.

“What do you mean I have to wear this forever? You said it was only for this one walk, human.”

They’re just openly saying “infinity vaccines forever.”

They knew this was going to be the deal from the start.

They just didn’t mention that there were going to be infinite vaccinations, just like they didn’t mention that the lockdown was going to be eternal, because they want people to be eased into it to prevent any kind of serious pushback.

The secret is to cook the goyim slowly.

“Oh, it’s only a few weeks of lockdown.”

“Oh, it’s only one vaccine.”