Pfizer Tells Kids They Will be “Superheroes” If They Take Deadly Vax

Jewish Pharma company “Pfizer” has produced an ad telling small children that they will become superheroes by getting the deadly coronavirus “vaccine.”

This claim has made many to question what kind of superhero Pfizer intended to make these child experiments into.

Pfizer is now FDA approved, so they’re apparently allowed to make advertisements for their dangerous and untested gene therapy injections.

Earlier this week, the Jewish leader of Pfizer said he plans to inject every American child with his dangerous experimental treatment. That will be tens of millions of kids subjected to this alleged “vaccine,” even though even The Science itself claims that fewer than 800 have died from the alleged virus.

Obviously, all of those children they claim died had various forms of cancer and other terminal illness. They just get listed as “covid deaths” because The Science doesn’t care about facts.

I am able to understand the fact that a lot of people are now committed to this agenda, and are unable to admit that they were so wrong for so long, acting in such a ridiculous manner over a fake pandemic. But if people are willing to give this deadly injection to their children in order to avoid acknowledging their delusion… that is truly hard to comprehend.