Pfizer Posts Ironic Meme on Twitter (Weird Flex But Okay)

Deep in some high tech Jew marketing base, the Pfizer team discovered that there is a 100% overlap between people who are refusing to be injected with their experimental gene therapy drugs and people who like memes.


Probably, people here understand that this doesn’t mean what they thought it was supposed to mean – or at least, it doesn’t mean what you would have thought they thought it was supposed to mean. If you follow me. I’m sure you’re following me.

But just in case you’re somehow not: this is the original meme:

We’ve got boomers in the audience, so let me just go ahead and post another example.

I think you get it. And before you tell me not to explain memes, please also explain to me how /b/ is not my private army. I’ll wait.

If you wanted to make that an anti-vax meme, you would reverse yellow and pink. “Wild conspiracy theories” would be holding people back from “The Science.”


  • Is it ironic?
  • Is it a self-own?
  • Is their social media guy a secret anti-vaxer?

No one knows.

All we know is: Pfizer’s going big on memes.

The Jews of Pfizer are now the newest big time memesters on Twitter, and they’re gunning for the cool kids.

When the cool kids saw this meme, they decided to sacrifice their purebloodedness in the name of The Science.

It’s enough.

We’ve all had exactly enough, times six million.