Pfizer CEO: Two Vax Doses Don’t Work at All, Three Doses Might Work a Little Bit

This ye olde meme just reached its apotheosis with this week’s statements from the Pfizer CEO.

In an interview with Yahoo! News this week, the Jewish CEO of Pfizer, Albert Bourla, basically said that the first two vaccines no longer work at all, but maybe the third one might work a little bit.

“Two doses of the vaccine offers very limited protection if any. Three doses with a booster offer reasonable protection,” Bourla said, speaking of the alleged Omicron variant.

The good news, he told the goyim, is that they are working on a totally new vaccine, which they will be ready to inject you with in March, which will fix you all up. It will work this time, seriously.

Here’s the clip on Twitter.

The clip is getting constantly deleted off of Twitter for some reason. Possibly because the CEO of Pfizer is spreading dangerous disinformation.

(Copyright is bullshit, by the way. It’s well established that you’re allowed to take a small clip from an interview and share it. Twitter never removes clips for copyright. And then you ask why Yahoo! – or Pfizer? – would call copyright.)

The entire interview is still on Yahoo!’s YouTube page, if they delete the above clip.

Yahoo! might pull the interview from their own YouTube channel though, if they’re pulling it from Twitter.

So watch the clip and remember that this Jew is telling you that after all of this – all that we’ve been through for the last two years – it turns out that these vaccines literally just do not work, so you have to take more vaccines.

Anyone who thinks this is incompetence is as stupid as the true believers.

This was always the plan: the vaccine is a subscription service, like an antivirus program on your computer.

Anyone actually paying attention knows the disease doesn’t even exist in the first place, all they did was rename the flu. With the Omicron, they’ve renamed the common cold – but they also changed the test to create more “asymptomatic” positives. Everything is always “cases,” and those “cases” are based on a fake test. They are not based on symptomatic illness.

Speaking of “Cases” and “Deaths”…

Meanwhile, CNN – and therefore the entire Jewish media – is totally reversing the narrative on deaths, saying the entire death toll was vastly exaggerated.

The CDC Jew also said this same thing a few days ago. She said only about 25% of the total official number of deaths were actually “from Covid” – which brings us to a normal flu season.

This bizarre admission of the faking of all these deaths is apparently linked to the fact that they are also telling you the vaccine doesn’t work. I guess. Because they are saying the deaths are faked to say that… the vaccine actually does work.

Meanwhile, the FDA is saying that there is a crisis that is going to shut down the entire country because of Omicron.

This isn’t new for me, or the regular reader of Daily Stormer. We have known from the very beginning that this entire narrative was just a bunch of gibberish. At this point, they appear to be upping the gibberish levels just to confuse people on purpose.

The bottom line is: none of this is over, none of it is slowing, it is just getting more bizarre and more extreme and if some conservative commenter is telling you that things are going back to normal and it’s all just about the midterms or whatever other stupid talking point, that person is malicious or a moron.

Nothing is slowing, nothing is going back to normal. We have not even reached the halfway point of the first phase of the Great Reset.

Please read my article from yesterday if you didn’t already: The Coronavirus Hoax is Not Slowing Down and Nothing is Going Back to Normal