Pfizer Blows Past Wall Street Expectations for First Quarter Thanks to Coronavirus Vaccine Sales

Governments take people’s rights and money, then give the money to these companies while saying that that’s the key to giving people their rights back.


Pfizer, buoyed by a huge jump in sales for its COVID-19 vaccine and solid performance across most of the company, is hiking its 2021 financial forecast sharply after blowing past Wall Street expectations for the first quarter.

The New York drugmaker and its German partner on the vaccine, BioNTech, continue to sign contracts with multiple countries for their two-dose shot. They reported $3.46 billion in first-quarter sales and now expect to rake in roughly $26 billion over the year, up from their prior forecast of about $15 billion.

The companies may soon receive U.S. and EU approval to give the vaccine to 12- through 15-year-olds and continue testing the vaccine in other patient groups, including pregnant women and children from six months to 11 years old.

The partners are also testing the efficacy of a booster shot of the vaccine, which may be needed — perhaps annually — to keep immunity high over time and to protect people from numerous emerging coronavirus variants that may spread more easily or be more deadly. And they’re developing new vaccine versions that have a longer shelf life and don’t require being kept frozen.

The totally real and not fabricated coronavirus pandemic is a blessing for vaccine makers. They’re going to keep making vaccines every year, and they’re going to keep increasing their profits.

It’s just a very fortunate coincidence, really, which does not in any way relate to the amount of money that Pfizer and other Big Pharma companies spend lobbying the government.