Pfizer Approved by FDA, Biden Flees Room, Refuses to Re-Invade Afghanistan

Pfizer approved by FDA!

A great day for American democracy.

Joe Biden told these pigs to get vaxxed and then fled.

It’s safe and effective, it’s free and safe and effective and we’re running out of time because of the deadly pandemic and the Delta variant.

Today’s the day.

Get it today, because of the deadly pandemic.

It’s all real.

We have to force people to take this vaccine against their will because of the deadly pandemic.

But what I’m concerned about is that Joe Biden is not launching a new invasion of Afghanistan to promote women’s rights.

Diamond and Silk are on this, and point out that we need to invade Afghanistan.

The patriotic ratfaced Jew and Breitbart editor Joel Pollak also has some very important questions as to why it is taking Joe Biden so long to invade Afghanistan.

Even Tony Blair, one of the most honest and straight-shooting politicians of the modern era, is calling for an immediate re-invasion of Afghanistan because of women’s rights and delays at the airport.

Sean Hannity is completely outraged with these airport delays and Joe Biden’s role.

How would you feel if a war ended in your country and then there was a delay at the airport and you had to wait on a flight?

There is only one solution to these delays at the airport, and that is a 2001 style invasion of Afghanistan to destroy the Taliban as revenge for their disastrous inability to do crowd control on rioters at the airport that is controlled by the US military.

Some of these Americans who for some reason decided to remain in Afghanistan after the US surrender might need to get back to America in order to get the now FDA approved deadly vaccine.

The Taliban’s mismanagement of this airport has gone on long enough.

Antony Blinken says the Taliban controls Kabul.

The only reason the Taliban controls Kabul is that the US refuses to invade the country.

Tom Cotton, who has always been a straight shooter and honest, has a solution to congestion at the airport: invade the country.

We don’t have a choice.

We have to deal with this airport congestion.

Glass parking lot!


New intelligence shows that Iraq planned the confusion and overcrowding at the Kabul airport because they hate freedom.