PewDiePie is Going to be Banned From YouTube No Matter What, He Should Do It While He’s #1

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 7, 2019

There are two things on earth that I know to be true:

  1. YouTube is going to ban PewDiePie eventually, no matter what, and
  2. T-Series is going to overcome PewDiePie’s lead eventually, no matter what

On point #1: there is simply nothing Pewd’s can do to stop this from happening. Putting aside the fact that he’s an open white supremacist and neon-nazi leader, hellbent on creating a global “White Miami,” there is simply no way they are going to allow a white guy to remain at the top. Especially not one who has the physiognomy of an Arno Breker statue of the Aryan Superman.

They have already attempted to crush PewDiePie through demonetization and various ranking tricks, and they’ve attempted to promote all of these brown people. And he keeps winning.

The Jews are attempting to create a world where white men do not even exist, and right now, PewDiePie is empowering a generation of young white men to believe they should exist.

Jews demand complete and total dominance over culture, and there is just no way they are going to allow this massive cultural figure to maintain himself on their platform.

On point #2: There are just too many Indians for Pewds to beat T-Series indefinitely.

His campaign to remain at the top has been a huge amount of fun, but in the long run, it isn’t viable to keep that war going. He will eventually be overcome and then he will fall behind massively.

This is just math.

If I were PewDiePie, I would want to be banned while in the #1 spot.

And I would want it to be a massive media spectacle, that changes the way all of my millions of followers think about society and their own futures.

Basically, right now, I would begin ratcheting-up full-nazi rhetoric.

Nothing nasty or hateful or otherwise Stormer-tier, but in a reasonable, humorous way, I would purposefully push the boundaries and force YouTube (Google) to act, so I could be banned on my own terms, at the height of my popularity.

This would make the issue of internet censorship explode, and result in a massive campaign for an internet Bill of Rights, which could actually result in PewDiePie – as well as everyone else – being allowed to stay on YouTube by mandate of the federal government. That would obviously be the best case scenario.

But in order for that to come together correctly, he cannot be too extreme, obviously. He basically has to play chicken with YouTube, pushing the limits further and further and getting them to jump on something absurd and use it to ban him.

Or, he could just come out and release all the details in an organized form about how Jews control the world. That would be fine as well, because they would have to ban him for that, and everyone would look into the information and say “yeah, but where is the lie tho?”

Whichever path he chooses, he needs to choose it quickly.


Before anyone says “Anglin, you’re blowing his cover,” etc. etc. etc. – no, I’m not.

This has all been public since that whole ordeal with Pewds, Wall Street Journal, the SPLC and the Daily Stormer back in 2017. And he hasn’t backtracked on any of it. He has instead followed Sam Hyde on Twitter, followed Lauren Southern after she released that South Africa documentary, continued to drop red pills in his videos. He’s promoted some of the best and most creative anti-Semitic content on YouTube, knowing full well that the backlash would be what it was.

This is a done deal.

There are massive amounts of Jewish resources already being poured into this situation to attempt to figure out a way to deal with it in a manner that causes the least backlash for Jews, and they are going to act regardless. The media isn’t going to cite me talking about him anymore (at least not until after the ban as part of their justification for the ban), because they are not stupid enough (anymore) to let me play a role in this process, because they’ve already figured out that I post things strategically as bait to try and get them to do things.

You could argue that it is my fault he lost all those Disney millions way back in the day. I guess. I wouldn’t argue that, he’s the one that made the “death to Jews” video. But you cannot argue that I’m doing anything here. These wheels are already in motion. I’m just giving advice on strategy for the endgame.

In my view, Felix owes it to his fans to make his exit meaningful. And I would imagine that he feels that way as well.