PewDiePie: Hitler was Right

Daily Stormer
January 18, 2017

This clip is definitely not taken out of context.

The clip above was taken out of PewDiePie’s latest video. He included the above segment with the obvious purpose that the media would take it out of context and accuse him of being a Neo-Nazi or whatever.

The context is that he’s explaining to his viewers that the press is a bunch of liars, who slander him relentlessly to get more clicks and earn ad revenue.

He’s¬†definitely got a point there…

We’re going to shut their lying Jew mouths!

In the time since he’s published the video, the media has only proved him right.

Spoiler alert: He never begged for forgiveness, only asked the company to restore the poointheloo’s accounts, without even apologizing.

Well, I guess that’s technically true. Let’s see what the article has to say…

Wow, so the mainstream media is now using Daily Stormer’s patented freeze frame technique to make fun of their enemies (made famous by our troll of Alex Jones)? I don’t know whether to be angry or proud.

It’s pretty clear that the media is out to get him – and that’s the plan. He’s been intentionally making videos deriding the mass media, click bait journalists and hyper-sensitive whiners in the past few weeks, all the while giving them huge amounts of material to attack him with.

What’s going to happen is that the common people, and especially his fans, will lose all confidence in the media. At least, when it comes to reports about him.

PewDiePie is progressively putting himself in a situation in which he can say absolutely anything he wants, and all criticisms from the media will roll off his back completely.

He’s already saying some pretty hardcore stuff. The full video is worth watching.

In it, he says that the media are lying shills. But he also says that 2017 will go bad for him, because he’s going to start expressing himself more openly and expects to get in trouble for it. He says that people will call him “a meanie, a racist, homophobic, anti simatic [sic], Hitler-loving…. White.”

/pol/ is fully on board

In short: /ourguy/ confirmed.

But wait, there’s more.

Finally, the path to red-pilling Taylor Swift is appearing before our eyes.

Taylor Swift’s twitter got hacked last year, and some of her message history shows that she’s talked with our man Pewds.

Good going, Felix. Now tell her about Hitler!

2017 is already the best current year ever.