PewDiePie Does YouTube Rewind 6 Gorillian Times Better Than Original

Gottfied Sturmherr
Daily Stormer
December 28, 2019

Aryan Übermensch PewDiePie, famously known for his outrageous anti-semitism, racism, sexism, homo-, trans- and various other phobias, has started a new offensive against the Google censorship machine.

He’s the Kjellberg which will sink Google’s Titanic flagship Youtube.

In an effort to boycott Pewds and other not 100% kosher content creators, YouTube started demonetizing YouTubers in 2017, taking a toll on creating dank OC.

Trying to no platform YouTube’s biggest channel has not been going so well. They didn’t include PewDiePie in the 2017 YouTube Rewind which resulted in a moderate 2:1 like/dislike ratio.

This year, when Pewds was again discluded, people weren’t having it.

Since we last reported, YouTube Rewind 2018 has indeed become more hated than child pornography. People were actively un-disliking the previously most-disliked video on YouTube – Justin Bieber’s “Baby” – to make it happen.

And it did happen.

Felix “Yamamoto sama” Kjellberg, grand admiral of the Internet Neon-Nazi armada, sensed the opportunity to issue a fatal blow to the JewSS YouTube by making an actually good version of YouTube Rewind 2018, wherein he whitewashes Will Smith as himself.

Within hours of the release, Pewd’s video gathered more than 2M likes and only 10,000 dislikes.

Well, that certainly says a lot more about my YouTube 2018 experience than the original, wherein I did not recognize anyone.

Ugandan Knuckles, that little hapa girl talking shit, (actual footage of) Fortnite, Thanos, Jake Paul, the race war with T-Series, womp womp, Ben Shapiro, PewDiePie and many others of my favorite other otherwise remembered memes of the year were present.

Your move, Silicon Valley kikes.