PewDiePie Continues Trolling the Media with Nazi Video

Daily Stormer
February 23, 2017

You would think that Pewds would lay low for a while and stop with the Nazi humor until the media firestorm died down. Well, you would be wrong.

He’s doubling down.

In his latest video, he says that to dispel the misconception that he’s a Nazi, he must go back in time and kill Hitler, so that all the Nazis will disappear from the present.

During the whole video, he trolls the media numerous times, censoring Nazi flags to avoid being “misrepresented,” talking with his PR director on the phone for advice on his public image, and flashing a picture of himself being compared with a Nazi on the screen.

Yeah, the “neo-Nazi website” is the Daily Stormer, and that was the picture we used as a meme.

But to top it all off, when he does “kill Hitler,” he starts to disappear from the timeline himself.

The implication being, of course, that he’s actually a Nazi himself or the son of Hitler or whatever.

The video ends with him saying “Oh, no! The Wall Street Journal! They were right all along! It was a plan all along!”

The overall message being that the WSJ is responsible for trying to make PewDiePie “disappear.”

He’s training his 53 million fans to hate the Jewish media. And they’re getting the message.

Hail Pewds!