PewDiePie Begins Mighty Crusade Against Camwhoring Twitch Thots

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
May 28, 2018

May the thots be smitten off this Earth.

A great ally has joined our crusade against world thot-dom.

PewDiePie, the world’s #1 comedian and YouTuber, is using his considerable power and influence to shed light on the evil of camwhoring thots, the world’s foremost problem.

Thots the world over shuddered as their dark schemes are on the verge of being finally exposed. One of them, Samantha Cole, who for some reason is working as a journalist, has even deemed fit to write a long essay whining about Pewds valiant efforts.


An ongoing feud between Felix Kjellberg, better known as Pewdiepie—the most popular YouTuber in the world—and popular Twitch streamer Alinity Divine, is a perfect example of how women are still objectified, vilified, and exploited in the gaming community, simply because they are women.

They’re not hated because they’re women.

Well, that too.

But mainly, they’re hated because these Twitch thots are using their sex appeal to garner armies of thirsty beta males in order to amass money, while pretending to be “gamers” or whatever else their channels are ostensibly about.

Female Twitch “gamers.”

Meanwhile, male streamers with far more talent are ignored as the market is flooded with these skanks, who are engaging in what is essentially prostitution.

If you’re not a whore, why don’t you stream without makeup, and while wearing a sweater?

Earlier this month, Kjellberg, who has more than 63 million subscribers, uploaded a video of himself testing the Tobii eye tracker, which is able to show in real time what a user is looking at on the screen. Kjellberg invited fans on Twitter to send him videos to view, and recorded the results. One of the videos he watched, “SEXIEST TWITCH GIRL STREAMERS APRIL 2017!!! #2,” was a compilation that featured Alinity.

Alinity is exactly this type of twitch cam whore.

She’s showing cleavage in pretty much every stream she does, and routinely adopts sexual poses to titillate her audience of horny males.

Calling her a “Twitch thot” is actually a euphemism she should be thankful for, because the accurate term for this is “camwhore.”

While Kjellberg struggled to keep his eyes off their chests, he “jokingly” called women in the video “stupid Twitch thots,” a derogatory term for women that stands for “that ho [whore] over there.” Alinity saw a video and retaliated by filing a copyright claim with YouTube.


She openly admitted to making a frivolous copyright claim, and openly admitted she regularly engaged in such behavior in order to make extra revenue.

This is illegal copyright fraud.

In his latest video on the subject, uploaded Wednesday, Kjellberg chastised Alinity for filing the claim, and suggested that Alinity somehow deserves the abuse she is getting online for wearing revealing clothes. He shows examples of times when she wore a sheer top and her bra straps showed, or when she played Just Dance in a dress.


Finally! Someone is standing up to these filthy thots!

The answer is an unabashed yes, Pewds.

“You’re just playing games with the shortest skirt ever, that’s our fault for looking at it in any sexual way, right?” Kjellberg said in the video. “I know you don’t portray yourself to be the smartest person, but I know you’re not that dumb to not be aware of what you’re doing,” he says. “Showing your underwear on screen? That’s our fault, right?”

Yes. It’s always men’s fault.

Even when women show off their bodies on camera in order to earn money, and then make illegal copyright claims in order to shut down those who criticize them.

But not for much longer.

A whole generation of young men are waking up to this bullshit, and they’re angry.

Our patience with this relentless exploitation and manipulation of our sexual drive is coming to an end.