PewDiePie 2024!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 22, 2017

PewDiePie is /ourguy/.

This latest video is unapologetically full-Nazi.

The guy has 52 million subscribers, compared to the number 2 YouTuber that has 30 million. He is arguably the most watched person on the planet.

And he is pushing hardcore GTKRWN materials.

In this video, he calls out the Jews for killing Jesus, and points out several times that Hitler did nothing wrong.

At the very least, he is making the masses comfortable with our ideas.

I hope he keeps doing this – staying chill, I mean. Not going too far. I think he’s aware that he’s eventually going to get banned – if he wasn’t ready for that, he wouldn’t be calling out the Jews head-on like this.

I mean, watch the video.

Wow just wow.

I hereby endorse PewDiePie for President of America, 2024.

He isn’t technically American, but who cares? That doesn’t really have anything to do with anything. He’s not going to be President of Sweden in 2024, because by 2024, Sweden will be a full-Islamic State.

We can get the male vote, because he’s a NEET gamer, and the women vote, because he’s handsome. He’s the perfect candidate, on every level.

Before then, he’s going to get banned, and I hope he starts his own platform. But again. He needs to keep it chill and hold out for as long as possible. I am sure they’re in meetings, trying to figure out how to get him to quit talking about Hitler and Jews, trying to figure out how they can ban him without bringing attention to the fact that he was talking about Hitler and Jews – but what can they actually do?

Whatever the case, he’s going to be a key figure in 2017 – new best year ever – and far beyond.

He is the kind of guy that hundreds of millions of people could easily swear eternal allegiance to.

Heil PewDiePie.