Pew Research: Only 17% of Black Lives Protesters are Black

No one can explain how it would help black people to go around tearing down statues of white people.

It does not seem like it would do anything for them at all.

Blacks mostly want more money for the programs. Their other issues revolve around drugs, gang violence and baby mama drama.

So, it makes sense that the people who are physically showing up to these protests are not “real niggas,” but just a random assortment of the antisocial refuse of every group.

This could already be seen in the protest photos, but it is nice that Pew did a head count of this issue.

Pew Research:

Large-scale protests and rallies for racial equality have captured public attention and amplified calls for policy reforms in recent weeks. Some 6% of U.S. adults say they have attended a protest or rally that focused on issues related to race or racial equality in the last month, and those who have are more likely to be nonwhite and younger than Americans overall, according to a recent Pew Research Center survey. They are also more likely to live in an urban area and to identify with or lean toward the Democratic Party.

Black Americans account for 17% of those who say they attended a protest focused on race or racial equality in the last month, compared with their 11% share of all adults in the survey. Hispanic Americans account for 22% of recent protest attendees, versus 15% of all adults. The difference is less pronounced but still statistically significant when it comes to the share of protesters who are Asian (8% vs. 5% of the adults surveyed). While 64% of U.S. adults are white, just 46% of those who said they attended a protest focused on race in the last month are white.

The Pew report did not address gender dynamics.

Just like with protests supporting the global warming hoax or demanding we flood white countries with immigrants, the protests are dominated by virulent white women, who are always out in front, screaming the loudest.

White women are the footsoldiers of the Jewish system, and they will support anything that harms the nations that white men built and they are sexually fixated on brown men.

The few white males in the crowd are just there to be humiliated.

It is a submission ritual.


Universal Suffrage Democracy is all about the politics of female sexuality.

They are still attracted to the same things that made men attractive in the stone age. If you wanted to have a society where men got high reproductive status for being intelligent and industrious, women would have to go back to being treated more like property.

The economy still rewards intelligence and industry with money.

Unfortunately, no amount of money can guarantee reproductive success to men, because these women will just divorce you, take your money, and have sex with these aggressive stone age men.

So, for as long as social success is disconnected from reproductive success, new people being born will be less and less socially successful. Humanity is rapidly degenerating biologically, and this is why you see so much brown.

Western Civilization decided to stop basing its laws on the unchanging law of Christ, and this is what you get.