Petition for Joe Rogan to Have Coronavirus Truth Journalist Alex Berenson Back on His Show

Alex Berenson appeared this week on Tucker Carlson to discuss the absurd situation wherein Dr. Hoax, Neil Ferguson, was caught violating the lockdown to have sex with a fat, old married woman. I think the people need to see more of Alex Berenson, and I’m calling for him to get a full spot on Joe Rogan’s show.

While there are a lot of scientists telling the truth about the coronavirus hoax, a scientist has a very limited ability to get his message out to the public, and most of them tend to not be particularly well spoken, generally. Alex Berenson is the single relevant public figure bringing the truth to the people.

Berenson is a former New York Times journalist, who worked as a novelist before becoming an activist against the legalization of marijuana. After writing the book “Tell Your Children,” Berenson appeared on the Joe Rogan Experience for a debate with a stoned Canadian marijuana supporter. The show was great and made a big impression on me at the time. I’ve been anti-marijuana for decades, having seen the way it ruins people’s lives, but I was not informed about the way these new strands of marijuana that have largely been developed after the legalization of medicinal marijuana can induce schizophrenia.

The work that Berenson is doing on this virus hoax is indispensable. His Twitter feed contains more relevant information than any of the major news sites, including the alleged right-wing news sites like Breitbart that should be telling the truth about this.

Rogan has become a largely mainstream figure, and taken a lot of horrible positions over the years, but Berenson is a public figure, who is going on Tucker Carlson regularly now and has already been on Joe’s show before. It is the morally correct thing for Joe to have him back on, and it will make history.

In fact, I would like to see him appear with another former guest. The most famous Joe Rogan guest.

Sorry – second most famous Joe Rogan guest.

Yes, that’s the one.

Elon Musk has been speaking out against the lockdown, and Musk recently followed Berenson on Twitter, so he is aware of the man and has probably talked to him privately.

Joe Rogan has the ability to arrange this, and if he wants to keep any relevance in the post-lockdown world, this is the kind of show he needs to be hosting.

He’s pumping out the facts.

He’s down to do shows.

The other option for Joe to consider is a debate between Berenson and celebrity politician and lesbian sex-exploiter Katie Hill about the ability of the coronavirus to spread in open air and whether or not someone can infect you by walking next to you outside.

Joe is of course familiar with my work on this site, and I am sure he will see this article, but I encourage all of you to do what you can to encourage him to make this happen. Either a Berenson & Musk show, which would be ideal, or a Berenson solo show. Neither Berenson nor Musk is afraid of going outside, and I believe they both live in Southern California, so he might be able to get them both in studio, which would be ideal. I am really tired of this Zoom nonsense.

Contact Joe on Twitter or by email and demand that this happen.