Pete Buttigieg Wishes a Happy Birthday to Innocent Murdered Black Child Trayvon Martin

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 7, 2020

Pete Buttigieg, the homosexual candidate for president, is popular with voters because many people want to have a president who engages in anal sex with men, licks men’s anuses and eats semen.

People love the idea of a group of homosexual men smoking meth and inhaling alkyl nitrites while ramming their penises into each other’s anuses, then eating each other’s semen, in the master bedroom of the White House.

People also love that Pete Buttigieg truly cares for the black community, and stands with them against the White Hispanics that seek to wipe them out through murder.

Pete recently tweeted birthday wishes to the dead black child Trayvon Martin, who was murdered by a bloodthirsty White Hispanic man who hated him because of the color of his skin.

It’s a great tweet, and you can see that it truly comes from the heart.

Pete has a deep love for black people, and wants to stand with them in their struggle against the White Hispanic menace.

However, I have to say that his original tweet, which was deleted and replaced with the one above, was somewhat more heartfelt.

Pete deleted the original because there is so much homophobia in America. We all hope he will remain true to himself going forward, because so many people in America want a president who goes to parties and gets sodomized by 50 men in one night.

America is hoping that Pete’s totally legitimate success in Iowa will carry over to New Hampshire on Tuesday.