Pete Buttigieg Says Maybe Coronavirus Vaccines are Part of God’s Plan

Pete Buttigieg is one of the most anal men in America.

He’s also a strong… Christian?

The Washington Times:

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg said Sunday that faith-minded people who say they don’t plan to get a coronavirus vaccine should consider that the shots could be part of God’s plan for their well-being.

Mr. Buttigieg had been asked about a recent poll showing nearly 3 in 10 White evangelical Christians say they definitely will not get vaccinated.

“Sometimes I’ve heard people — people I care about — saying, ‘If I’m faithful, God’s going to take care of me,’” Mr. Buttigieg said on CNN’s “State of the Union.” “I guess what I would hope they might consider is that maybe a vaccine is part of God’s plan for how you’re going to take care of yourself.”

This isn’t surprising – because actual “faith leaders” are saying the same thing.

This is from a recent blog post by some disgusting heretic pastor named David Thornton:

I’m dismayed and disappointed that I have to write this, but someone has to because there is some seriously bad theology going around in many Christian circles. I’m talking, of course, about the relatively widespread belief that the Coronavirus vaccines and masks represent the Mark of the Beast.

This is not an online-only phenomenon. Back in January, I discussed on Twitter an experience I had at a local barbershop in which the barber was discussing several conspiracy theories, including the notion that the Mark of the Beast was associated with the vaccines and masks. When I gently corrected the lady, she became so irate that she told me to “just stop talking.”

It has always been my opinion that there are certain people with whom it doesn’t pay to argue. These include police officers, air traffic controllers, and people cutting your hair, so I did stop talking. She rushed the completion of my haircut nonetheless and told me that I should find someone else to cut my hair in the future, adding that she didn’t know how any Christian with a brain in their head could not believe her conspiracy theories.

He breaks it down and says he knows all about the Antichrist and the Beast. Of course, no one actually knows whether the Antichrist is actually a man or a symbol of a system. It could be that the ZOG system is the first beast and the Bill Gates vaccine passport system is the second beast. You don’t know that.

Thornton concludes:

Christians shouldn’t fear vaccines and masks, which would be more appropriately viewed as technological gifts from God to help save lives. The fear-mongering about masks, vaccines, and vaccine passports certainly does not fit the biblical descriptions of the Mark of the Beast, and to paraphrase Johnnie Cochran, since it doesn’t fit, people should quit spreading bad theology and misinformation.

What you do know is that the vaccine is made using aborted fetal tissue, that it alters your DNA, and that they are going to prevent you from buying or selling without getting the vaccine and a vaccine passport.

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It seems very clear that no matter what kind of Christian you are, you should not be comfortable with this situation, and you have a duty to resist it.

The fact that “Anal Pete” is on the same page with most “evangelical leaders” here should tell you all you need to know.

This is a process: first the vaccine, then the vaccine passport with the QR code, then an implantable microchip in the right hand.