Peru: Mobs Burn Bats Alive to Combat Coronavirus

Daily Stormer
March 31, 2020

Peruvians don’t mess around

Normally, I’d put this down to the low, mulatto-tier IQ of their almost entirely non-White country, but given the hysteria around Coronavirus AKA “The Flu,” this isn’t actually the stupidest thing you could do.

Free West Media:

Disinformation, fake news, rumors, and gossip have continued to incite mass hysteria and panic over the deadly disease.

In Peru, this has resulted in locals attempting to fight Covid-19 by setting fire to bat communities despite the fact that there is no scientific proof for zoonosis.

Zoonosis is the process in which a virus from an animal mutates into something that can affect humans.

There is no evidence this happened with bats.

I think someone on 4Chan or something just joked about bat soup, and then everybody in the world just took the idea and went along with it.


But there is no real evidence that Coronavirus came from a bat or from a pangolin or any of the other weird stuff they eat in China.

That assuming it’s not a lab-made virus to begin with.

Hundreds of bats were killed in arson attacks in the small village of Culden, Peru’s National Service of Wild Forests and Fauna (SERFOR) announced.

About 200 bats were saved from the mob by the wildlife service and National Agrarian Health Service (SENASA) who later released the animals into a distant cave far from Culden. “We must not distort the situation due to the pandemic. Bats are not our enemies.”

The wildlife agency explained that the bats were beneficial to humans in helping to combat deadly viruses including Dengue fever outbreaks in Southeast Asia and the Americas.

SERFOR noted: “70 percent of the [bat] species in the world feed off insects, many of which are harmful to agriculture and our health, like mosquitoes that spread dengue and other diseases”.

You know what I’d do if I were a Peruvian?

In South America, they have a species of giant centipede that feeds on bats.

I’d start farming those and training them to hunt bats on command.

Not only would this be more fun than burning them, but it would be a major tourist attraction as well, possibly the only one in the whole country.

Why not at least give it a shot?

Scolipede used bite, Golbat fainted