Pepe in English: Hong Kong CIA Terrorists Post Cringe Old Memes to Appeal to Idiot Right-Wing Americans

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 20, 2019

Yeah, I’m sure her eye got shot out. And then she was out there the next day with an English poster that blew up in the Western media. Pure coincidence, goyim.

The CIA terrorist movement of Hong Kong is now openly posting cringe old memes, apparently trying to get retards on 4chan to support their stupid Jewish plot.

I don’t even know why, but I’m telling you this: /pol/ is constantly getting shilled with Hong Kong revolutionary analism propaganda now.

New York Times:

Ask the Anti-Defamation League, and they will tell you Pepe the Frog is a hate symbol, a cheerleader of racism and anti-Semitism, a friend of alt-right extremists. The sad, green frog is widely viewed as toxic across the world, a signal of a sinister and dangerous worldview.

So it can be a bit jarring to see Pepe in his new role: a pro-democracy freedom fighter in the Hong Kong protests, siding with the people in their struggle against an authoritarian state. The protesters here hold signs with his image, use stickers of him in messaging apps and discussion forums, and even spray paint his face on walls.

Does that mean that Hong Kong protesters are alt-right, or that they support the racism he represents?

The question confuses many protesters, many of whom had no idea about the symbol’s racist connotations elsewhere in the world. They just like him.

“It has nothing to do with the far-right ideology in the state,” one person wrote on LIHKG, an anonymous forum that has been the center of discussion for protesters. “It just looks funny and captures the hearts of so many youngsters. It is a symbol of youth participation in this movement.”

Mari Law, a 33-year-old protester, knows how Pepe is perceived elsewhere, but said it did not matter because Pepe did not carry the same toxic reputation in Hong Kong. Most of the protesters don’t know about the alt-right association, he said.

“To me, Pepe is just a Hello Kitty-like character,” he said.

Few Hong Kongers have shown awareness online about Pepe’s sinister side. There has been little discussion about what symbolism he carries, and in the few occasions it has been pointed out, it has mostly been met with a shrug.

To Hong Kongers, he is just one of them. A sticker pack for messaging apps like Telegram and WhatsApp depict Pepe wearing the protesters’ signature yellow helmet, surrounded by tear gas or holding antigovernment signs. He has also been transformed into a first aid worker and a journalist holding an iPhone.

What does this actually mean?

What is the point of this?

I guarantee you, there is zero chance that it is actually organic. I know Asians well enough to know that this is not the type of imagery that would appeal to them in the first place, and to start using it as a primary symbol is just way too much of a coincidence even if it was the kind of imagery that they would find aesthetically appealing.

Hong Kongese are obsessed with Doraemon. 

These cringe posts are a part of this weird CIA color revolutionary program. Someone gave them these signs, then ran to write about it in the New York Times and spam it on /pol/.

Here – allow me to manufacture a flow chart for those who might be confused by this very confusing process.

So why are they doing this?

Why is this revolution literally being shilled on 4chan?

Well, let’s think about the options:

  • The CIA wants to crowd-source 4chan posters to make propaganda for them
  • This is part of a White House plan to stir up anti-Chinese support among the Alt-Lite (which uses Pepe more often than 4chan now)
  • ?????

So much of this stuff that is going on – especially in the last six months – is so bizarre that you just can’t even qualify it.

I believe that we are all inside some kind of satanic Truman Show situation, where every element of the landscape has been manufactured and is being meticulously groomed. You can see the way the right-wing is being manipulated right here, in real time. I don’t have any way to quantify how many people are actually going along with this Hong Kong Pepe plot, but I do know that this is an incredible thing, to plan this out like this from America, have it pop up on the streets of Hong Kong, then use it to manipulate the opinions of Americans. Even if it has a low success rate this particular time, the fact that it was accomplished at all demonstrates the efficacy of these people and their technique.

And I’m not sure how badly it is failing. I have seen people on this very website in the comments section defending CIA operations in Hong Kong. That was before this particular Pepe operation, but who knows where those people got the idea that this is good? Who knows where any of the ideas of the right-wing are coming from?

I have come to the absolute conclusion that the entire Alt-Right was either manufactured in whole or entirely redirected by change agents, who had the goal of manufacturing a fake “white supremacy” crisis for the purpose of promoting the current media and Democrat platform of unadulterated anti-white hatred.

This is a gigantic stage show that we are participating in simply by showing up.

We are all being manipulated as a part of a larger overarching agenda that none of us understand the totality of, and this phenomenon needs to be examined much further.