People with Uteruses to Henceforth be Known as “Birthing Persons” – How Much are Women Willing to Give Up?

Women continue to support the tranny agenda in ever more absurd ways and remain oblivious to how this agenda is going to affect women collectively.

This week, Missouri Democrat Congressnegress Cori Bush told some story I didn’t really understand about her problems during pregnancy. It was a bog-standard call for a communist healthcare system. The notable thing is at the end of her rant, she said: “as a single mom, nurse, activist, and Congresswoman…[committed] to protecting black mothers, black birthing people, black babies, and to save black lives.”

Yes – that term is “birthing people.”

She used the term in her tweet of the video of the speech.

This takes us back to an event earlier this year, when an Iranian female member of the New Zealand parliament, Golriz Ghahraman, was shilling for free tampons, and used the word “women” in reference to women.

Of course, because trannies are women, it is offensive to claim that “women have periods.” So she apologized 54 minutes later, and changed it to “people with uteruses.”

However, female-to-male trannies do not have periods if they are on testosterone – but they can still get pregnant.

Hence: “birthing people.”

I don’t generally shill for women, but as I wrote when that woman used the term “people with uteruses” – this is so dehumanizing.

This whole “identity politics” spectacle, with some irony, strips people of their identity, transforming them into these various strange categories.

Giving birth is the fundamental, defining factor of what it means to be “a woman.” That should go without saying – and you would really think that this is ground that women would want to hold.

We recently wrote about artificial wombs, and the fact that this concept really makes women nervous, because they have to know on some deep level that if men are just able to make babies without them, then they will become superfluous.

If I were the female collective, everything about all of this stuff would make me nervous. As I also wrote recently (this article is like a clips show), this upcoming generation of trannies are going to give women a run for their money. It’s a plain fact that men are better than women at everything, and it’s obvious that with the endocrine science where it is, tranny men are going to quickly surpass women.

An “independent” film was recently released entitled “TOGETHER TOGETHER.” It is the first major film that I’m aware of to feature a tranny lead. “Patti Harrison” is a hapa (Vietnamese). He is 30 and “transitioned” after puberty, so he doesn’t look great. Still, I think people could watch the film without realizing he’s a tranny.

The fascinating thing here is that the movie is about a pregnancy. Ed Helms plays a man in his fifties who never had kids, and hires a woman – played by the tranny – to serve as a surrogate mother. The tranny does what must have been the single most hardcore birthing scene ever, showing the process of labor. You can tell that he watched a lot of videos of women going through labor, and really wanted to get it right.

Clearly, having the first major film featuring a tranny playing a woman be about pregnancy, and having him do a labor scene is some kind of satanic ritual. There is no other explanation for something so bizarre.

Women are not protesting this film. People protested a non-Indian doing Apu’s voice on The Simpsons, but they don’t protest a man pretending to be able to give birth.

We are sitting here watching, in real time, women being stripped of all of their most basic value by trannies and soon by robots and artificial womb technology. But they just hate white men too much, they hate traditional order too much, and they love state authority too much to stand up and say “wait, let’s think for a second about where this is going…”

It was a big deal when, all the way back in 2018, Meghan Murphy was banned from Twitter for saying “men are not women tho.”

It was a big deal as in “everyone on the internet knew about it.”

Western women, collectively, and especially affluent white female liberals, have more real power than any other group on earth. Their only potential competition is the Jews, and I think women have more power than Jews. In terms of the very most baseline self-preservation, it would only have made very specific, explicit sense for women to side with Murphy.

Instead, women collectively sided with the trannies. They presented no pushback at all to any of this tranny stuff. The only pushback that we’ve seen has been explicitly from the right, with various Republican groups filing lawsuits regarding trannies in sports, and Republican politicians lobbying for tranny sports bans.

Trannies in sports is the most obvious place where women are getting pushed out of their own spaces, but it really is something much bigger than that, where the entire role of women in society is going to be made irrelevant.

Maybe women are so delusional that they actually believe they are able to compete with men. Or maybe they just have no ability whatsoever to defend their own interests, and all they can do is destroy.

Whatever is going on in their rattled brains, they are in for a very rude awakening, as the goal appears to be to replace women with trannies.

I wish women would defend themselves, because it would mean fewer trannies. But they appear to be simply incapable of thinking through very basic things.

The fact that women are too stupid to even lobby for their own interests should make it clear that the feminist agenda was never about what was good for women, and was always purely about Jews harming society.