People Who Recovered from Coronavirus Should be Allowed Out of Lockdown, Claims Study

Pictured: government people consulting a coronavirus expert.

This is similar to the “immunity certificates” argument, and it is total bullshit.

Everyone should be allowed to leave their homes at their own discretion. We are not babies. The people who are afraid of the virus can stay in their homes, and those who want to go out should be able to go out.

No one is going to break into the homes of the people who want to be under lockdown to cough in their faces. There was never any reason to make the lockdown mandatory.

Besides, the virus is about as dangerous as the flu.

Daily Mail:

People who have caught COVID-19 and recovered from the disease could be encouraged to rejoin the general public to provide ‘shield immunity’.

The reintroduction of recovered coronavirus patients would, in theory, help reduce the rate of transmission of SARS-CoV-2, the virus which causes COVID-19.

Researchers from Georgia Institute of Technology say the immunity of the recovered patients would help to slow the spread of the contagion.

Ushering out more recovered patients would ensure most interactions include an immune person, which makes it impossible for the virus to propagate.

This so-called ‘shield immunity’ strategy could help quash the R0 — the amount of people an infected person passed the virus on to — and could be used together with existing precautions, such as social distancing, contact tracing and self-isolation.

Immune individuals could play a key role in getting society back to a normal level of functionality while also helping fight the pandemic, scientists claim.

Shield immunity is a different concept to herd immunity and is designed to reduce interactions that would pass on the virus.

The study’s findings are based on a trove of assumptions, which scientists are currently unable to guarantee.

For example, the study is only valid if recovered people are absolutely virus negative, produce antibodies to defend them against SARS-CoV-2, and are able to interact safely with both susceptible and infectious people.

It also relies on immunity lasting for more than a year and 100 per cent accurate antibody testing kits being available to all. Currently, scientists are unable to guarantee any of these things.

Keep in mind that the entire response to the coronavirus is based on a trove of assumptions too.

What “experts” and the government are likely to do with studies like this one is to use them as an argument for making “immunity passports” based on vaccinations, because — they’ll argue — vaccinations are the only way to be completely sure that someone is going to be immune for a period of time.

We already know the most important facts about this virus:

There’s literally no real reason for the governments not to lift every lockdown restriction immediately.

The fact that they’re not doing it suggests a hidden agenda.