People Who Do Not Respect neekolul Should be Dragged Out in the Street and Shot

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 10, 2020

neekolul is the closest thing you are going to get to an actual goddess appearing on earth in human form – period.

And yet, somehow, some individual thought it was okay to report her for copyright?

I’m not going to say “whoever did this should be killed.”

But it simply is wrong and immoral.

I want to give props to Liv for recognizing the genetic superiority of neekolul and supporting her struggle, even though she knows she can never compare.

Big props to Liv and all other women who bow down to neekolul as the ultimate goddess and the ideal form of human perfection.

Good job, Liv.

I’m sure you’re also a pretty girl, and maybe someone will love you for your personality someday, probably when you’re 30.

I just want to take this opportunity to clear up one fact: neekolul’s tits are not fake.

Please look at this picture of her in a bikini, where it is clear that actually, her tits are not that big after all.

Our princess, the hero of all peoples, maybe wears push-up bras to bring us happiness and joy in our hearts.

But that does not make her perfect breasts any less perfect or inspired by divinity.

I am hereby introducing a law into Congress that anyone who claims that neekolul has fake tits will have his throat slit by the cops.

How dare you?

I also want to take this opportunity to tell you all that me and neekolul are in love and are getting married.