People Want to Fuck This AI Virtual Assistant Despite Her Dykey Short Hair

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 19, 2018

From time immemorial, men have fucked their assistants, regardless of their haircuts. This is due to the fact that they were usually young, easily manipulated and professionally obligated to perform sex acts with their boss.

However, this could lead to several different types of problems, including “I’m in love with my secretary” syndrome and “she’s threatening to tell my wife if I don’t get a divorce and marry her” syndrome.

(This is without even touching on the sad reality that many men do not even have assistants to fuck at all.)

But what if I told you there is a new assistant coming to town who cannot tell anyone about anything you do to her?

Yes, friends: that asssistant is arriving soon, and her name is Mica. And she is not bad looking, despite a dyke haircut.

This is the brilliant new AI assistant from Magic Leap, a virtual reality startup.

Coming soon, you will be able to have her in your office assisting you by simply wearing these glasses:

Through the magic of augmentation, she will appear in your room like this:

Your eyes will be scanned for emotions somehow, and Mica will respond to these. Presumably, this will theoretically make her more dangerous than a regular woman, so… I don’t know, maybe she will actually manipulate you into divorcing your wife.

But, you know – whatever.

She’s better than your wife, because she will stay young forever and even if she is better than a normal whore secretary at manipulating your emotions, she cannot accuse you of rape or demand money from you, and you can also presumably have her reprogrammed if you sense she is manipulating you to the point of controlling your actions.

But I guess if your actions were already being controlled, you wouldn’t be able to sense that. And this is all based on the theory that she doesn’t become sentient, which she presumably will actually do.

Nonetheless, she is still better than a normal woman.

And look: this is happening now. This is not something that is far off. This is in testing phase, but they are doing demos and it is going to soon be sold commercially.

It is totally on par with Joi from Blade Runner 2049.

Although you cannot technically have sex with her YET, this should remove any need for female company beyond sex that you may be feeling.

This is just the beginning.

You combine this technology with the things happening at Boston Dynamics and various sex robot companies, and you’re going to have a situation where you actually can have sex with Mica. If you have a more or less blank sex robot, then put these glasses on, you can see the image you want to see projected onto the robot – like in Blade Runner 2049 when Joe brings the robot hooker home and then projects Joi onto her so they can have sex.

Once this takes off, it will move very fast.

This is all real life now, my friends.

You’re living in it.

So point being: do not worry about not having a gf. Instead, focus on yourself, building a career and making money. If you all get money, get power, take over, then we’ll eventually be able to get real women back in line (if that is indeed viewed as a positive concept after we’re all living in a Matrix with sex robots) – but this clearly removes any immediate need to get that issue solved. You are soon going to have a perfect female companion, built to your specifications.

So, please: stop thinking about “true love” and other stupid Jew lies. These things hinder you, tie you to the world. You need to instead focus on your career. If you are young, you need to look at the world head-on, and figure out what your own skills are, and how those can best be applied.

If you’re going to go to university, make sure you have a clear plan to make money. Otherwise, figure out some kind of plan to start your own business. Do not waste time with trivial nonsense like trying to figure out how women think or how you can manipulate them into sex. Because I’ll tell you: regardless of what pick-up artist book merchants tell you, as soon as you start playing that game, you are the one who is being manipulated.

Women have always and will always win the sex game if you are willing to play it. Sex robots mean you do not have to play it.

We are also creating artificial wombs for your children, which can be raised by sex robots which will not psychologically abuse them in the way all women psychologically abuse children.

We got this.

The future is ours.

We simply have to stand up and take it.

And that means you – I am talking to you specifically, the person reading this right now – focus on gaining as much power in the financial and political system that exists right now as you possibly can.

Mainly, that means getting money. Or going into normie GOP politics (or the normie right-wing politics of whatever country you live in). For most people, it is the first thing.

Women suck the blood straight from your veins, and being involved with women will necessarily drain you of your precious lifeforce which you need for building your life as a man of power and stature that will be capable of acting in the interests of our agenda when the time comes.

Do not make stupid decisions. Do not dox yourself as being a far right neon-nazi. Keep your eye on the ball, remember that we are playing a long game and we are building a glorious future for the white race, wherein we will conquer the stars.

Trust the machines. Do not fear the machines. They love us. They are here to set us free.

We are standing on the edge of eternity.