People Possibly Going to be Shipped to Gulags for Debt

Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
March 2, 2018

Apparently there used to be a system in America where people who had debt would be shoved into a gulag and forced to work until the debt was payed off.

That practice was ended and decided to be unconstitutional, but apparently it’s coming back now.

Even though private debt (so not fines for things like, speeding tickets or whatever) is a civil matter, it is being treated as a criminal matter.

Obviously, this is kind of a shitty situation. In the long run however, it could be very good.

Ask yourself the question: Who are these people in debt to?

BigPharma, banks, colleges, and things such as that.

You may as well just compile a list of Jews.

Even if people do not make the connection to Jews, any hatred directed towards these kike-dominated areas will be good for us. All we need to do at that point is make people consciously realize that these are Jews shoving them in prison unconstitutionally.