People Mad About Gigantic Black Lives Matter Vandalism in Front of Trump Tower

The Mayor of New York went out and vandalized the street in front of Trump Tower, now they’re mad that people don’t like this new addition to the road.

New York Post:

The giant new “Black Lives Matter” sign in front of Trump Tower has become a flashpoint for protesters clashing over the statement.

On Saturday — just two days after Mayor Bill de Blasio was jeered as he helped paint the large yellow mural — there were further ugly confrontations as dozens of “All Lives Matter” counter-protesters descended on Fifth Avenue, photos and video show.

As the group unveiled several flags, including “thin blue line” ones showing support for law enforcement, an opposing protester raced over and swiped a flagpole — almost starting a brawl, video showed.

“You feel big and proud over that?” someone asked the flagpole stealer, who replied, “Yes.”

One woman screamed “f–k you” at Black Lives Matter protesters, giving double middle-finger salutes — also making exaggerated coughing and sneezing gestures seemingly to scare rivals during the coronavirus pandemic, the footage shows.

Wearing an “All Lives Matter” T-shirt and “Make America Great Again” red cap, the woman posed for pictures kneeling and raising a fist — gestures normally used to represent the “Black Lives Matter” cause.


Yeah, the raised fist was invented by Black Lives Matter.

Seems legit.

I can’t believe that no one expected people to be mad about this.

But those who are mad just better not try to restore the street – because that would be a hate crime against the color of the skin (black, more accurately dark brown or “poop color”).