People From the Internet Announce Class Action Lawsuit Against Mother of Heather Heyer Over “Trauma to My Eyes”

Shmuley Ben Shekelheim
December 6, 2018

Susan Bro (right) is being sued by Nazis over the death of her daughter Heather Heyer.

While the trial of James Fields, a white supremacist and neo-Nazi who murdered a protester with his car in a planned terrorist attack in Charlottesville last year, is still ongoing, people from the internet have announced a class action lawsuit against the family of Heather Heyer, claiming that the protester’s death caused “trauma” to their eyes.

These racist Nazis claim that the imagery of Heather Heyer shown on TV after the event permanently “wrecked” their minds.

In particular, they cite this image of fellow protesters trying to resuscitate Heyer as something they are incapable of removing from their racist brains:

The lawsuit was filed in Virginia on Thursday on behalf of “Muh_Shekels,” “GasMaster,” “JewishHedgeFundManager,” “14HitlerWasRight88,” “AryanBlood88,” “NeoconJewBastard,” “TaylorSwiftstein,” “CrackaRevolt,” “JewGlobalist,” “HitlerDidNothingWrong88,” “GoyimRage14” and over 1000 other people. In total, 1488 racists signed the suit, with Andrew Anglin and Beardson Beardly being the only ones to use their legal names.

Andrew Anglin, Neo-Nazi advocate and all around hateful guy.

Their lawyer, Dr. Heinrich Wolfhelm, is an 81-year-old Austrian national and it is presently unclear if he is legally allowed to practice law in the United States. Wolfhelm speaks very little English, and much of the filing appears to be written using Google Translate.

Despite Woflhelm’s alleged status as a doctor of law, the filing is extremely unorthodox in its language.

Here is an excerpt:

Many people were injured at this event in Charlottesville. Not to have been hit by a car in a clear and clear accident, but to have seen the hugsome body of fat beast Heather Heyer on the television screen in their home, also on their computer screen. It’s a bad thing to have seen this. Terror hit my clients and justice must be done.

The Jews should be held responsible for this terrorist act to show these photographs, and Heather Heyer’s obese mother should be held responsible for producing this fat child. I, Dr. Heinrich Wolfhelm, challenging you for a trial – and I will be justified!

My client, “Muh_Shekels” and 1487 other of them, have been hit by nightmares and regular seizures after seeing this disgusting scene. Time is now for Mother Heather Heyer to pay $6,000,000 to each of my clients, total amount is $8,928,000,000. If she does not have so much money, she must sell everything belonging to her and go to the Taco Bell forever.

Wolfhelm goes on to deny the Holocaust in the 800 page filing (which this author has not read the entirety of), as well as invoke many different anti-Semitic canards and racist and sexist attitudes. Wolfhelm also goes into a long digression about his personal life and family history, saying that his father was an officer in the SS and that if he had one wish, it would be “going back in time to tell my ancestry to make the Holocaust true.”

From what we were able to find, this is the first time a person has sued the mother of a person for having given birth to that person.

The Charlottesville District Court told Buzzfeed that they are still trying to figure out if the lawsuit is real. It was filed using all the appropriate procedures, but it appears that it could be thrown out due to questions over Dr. Wolfhelm’s ability to practice law in Virginia.

Heather Heyer’s mother, Susan Bro, was served with the suit on Thursday by what she described as a “very large foreign man” who she says “cornered her at Walmart.”

“It’s just so terrible,” Bro told Buzzfeed, “All of these people feeling such hatred in their hearts. My Heather was filled with love and joy and her life was a blessing, everyone who knew her had joy brought to their life. I cannot understand the hatred.”

Susan Bro’s attorney Leonard Levenson says that they plan to fight back and win the suit.

“If these Nazis are having nightmares, then I say that’s another heroic act that Heather Heyer did. The people of Virginia hate Nazis, and we’re always ready for another fight. That’s my message to Dr. Wolfhelm: bring it on, and we’ll beat you like we did in 1945,” Levenson said.

We contacted Dr. Wolfhelm’s office in Malta, and his secretary said that he was “tending to the welfare of his clients in America.” She said not to bother calling him because he doesn’t speak English. She also said that even if he spoke English, she would not give Buzzfeed his phone number, because this writer sounded like “yet another American Jew snake.” She did however give Buzzfeed his email.

At time of publishing, Wolfhelm has not responded.


Buzzfeed received the following email from Dr. Heinrich Wolfhelm:

Dear Jew,

You’re wrong to believe you can bring me down. This had only begun!

My clients have a very solid legal case and the fat woman has to pay too much. The Jews believed that they could bring fate on my clients by giving them the evil images of the fat child and giving them terrible brain injuries. Now the revenge of revenge has begun – and the price will be high. The cost will be very high indeed.

The Jews hoaxed this car accident exactly how they did on the Holocaust. But it does not matter now. Your hoaxing has reached the end of the line and soon they will be lined up to be forced into trains!

I tend to my customer’s needs now and can not write you a long letter, jew.

The suit is the right deal, and it’s only the beginning of the war. I plan to file many more litigation in the near future, which will all destroy the Jews and their legions.

The black night is on arrival – next stop is Polish farmlands! 

You will see much more of Dr. Heinrich Wolfhelm!

His Magnificence Dr. Heinrich Wolfhelm, Lawyer