People are Not Making Enough Babies for the UK to Prosper, Think Tank Says

Never forget that they did this on purpose and now they are blaming the victim.

The purpose of feminism was to destroy the birthrate (and society at large). No one asked for feminism. It was forced on the population from the top.

The Guardian:

Britain is facing a “baby shortage” that could lead to “long-term economic stagnation”, a thinktank has said.

The Social Market Foundation (SMF) said the birthrate was almost half what it was at its postwar peak in the 1960s, and the country’s ageing population could lead to economic decline.

It said ministers should set up a cross-government taskforce to consider the issue, and one helpful measure might be better childcare provision. The thinktank said typical British working parents spend 22% of their income on full-time childcare, more than double the average for western economies.

The birthrate in England and Wales peaked in 1964 when the number of children per woman averaged 2.93. Last year it was 1.58, well below the 2.1 replacement level needed to keep the population rate stable, and in Scotland it was even lower at 1.29.

In a report, Baby Bust and Baby Boom: Examining the Liberal Case for Pronatalism, the SMF said this would ultimately lead to a shortage of working-age adults.

“Pronatalism” is the policy or practice of encouraging the bearing of children, especially through government support of a higher birthrate.

“At present, there are a little under three over-65s for every 10 workers, but by the middle of the next decade that ratio will rise to 3.5, and by the 2060s the number will be closing in on four,” the report said.

In the fantasy world painted by the media, we’re filling our countries with a diverse selection of tribespeople because making babies is one of those jobs that white people don’t want to do.

In the real world, however, this dire white birthrate situation is what the rulers wanted and what they worked so hard for. They’ve been working with the media for decades to achieve this. It is insane to expect them to adopt policies to fight their own plans.

You cannot fix declining birthrates without undoing women’s “liberation.”

The only thing these baby machines should be producing is babies, but they’re getting distracted with PowerPoint presentations.