People are Mad at Joe Biden’s Stimulus Math – Thankfully, They Were Silenced by Pictures of Pets

Joe Biden is one man who is as truthful as he is cogent.

It turns out, Joe Biden didn’t lie about the $2,000.

He actually meant to say that he’s building on money Donald Trump was able to get you, and including the $600.

Still, a bunch of retards on Twitter can’t do this basic math.

So, #BidenLied was trending.

Thankfully, Joe Biden’s supporters have managed to bury these tweets by using the #BidenLied hashtag to post pictures of their pets.

Actually, no wait. These pet photos barely have any likes. So Twitter is burying the #BidenLies tweets showing the side-by-side screenshots and promoting the pets. Thankfully, democracy has these kinds of protections built into it.

Pictures of cats and dogs won’t be enough to silence these masturbators for long.

If these people on Twitter don’t settle down with their false and debunked Russian theories that Biden said he was going to send them $2,000, we need to get the FBI involved.

Biden never said he was going to give you $1,400.

I don’t even understand why the goyim need $800 anyway.

Biden isn’t a leftist, and he isn’t a rightist. He’s a moderate. That means that all the money goes to Wall Street and Israel, okay? It’s our values and who we are.