People are Against Brandon’s 6uild 6ack 6etter Bill

It looks like even the sheeple are getting woke to the fact that you can’t just print and spend infinity amounts of money and have that have no effect on the price of goods.

It’s a good thing for the people planning this stuff that public opinion is not being considered at all.

Yahoo! News:

Late last month, President Biden warned squabbling Democratic lawmakers that their “House and Senate majorities and my presidency” will be “determined” in large part “by what happens” to the latest version of his signature Build Back Better plan to combat climate change and expand the social safety net.

“I don’t think it’s hyperbole,” Biden said.

But according to a new Yahoo News/YouGov poll, the latest version of Build Back Better — a renegotiated $1.75 trillion compromise designed to win the votes of centrist Democrats such as West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin and Arizona Sen. Krysten Sinema — is significantly less popular than the original, $3.5 trillion proposal that preceded it.

The survey of 1,673 U.S. adults, which was conducted from Nov. 4 to 8, found that a majority of Americans (51 percent) now disapprove of how Biden is handling his job — more than in any previous Yahoo News/YouGov poll. His approval rating is nine points lower than that (42 percent).

On several specific issues — including the economy (40 percent approve and 51 percent disapprove) and dealing with Congress (33 percent approve and 52 percent disapprove) — the president’s numbers are even worse, reflecting months of Congressional gridlock and a major inflation spike.

When asked who they’d rather see as the Democratic presidential nominee in 2024, more Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents now say “someone else” (41 percent) than say Biden (38 percent).

Meanwhile, approval of Congress as an institution is also at a low point for Biden’s presidency: 15 percent approve to 61 percent disapprove.

To strengthen their standing ahead of next year’s midterms — an election in which the president’s party historically suffers sizable losses — Biden and the Democrats are hoping to pass BBB as soon as the week of Nov. 15, then spend the next year campaigning on its individual provisions, which polls have invariably shown to be popular with voters.

The problem is that as it gets whittled down, the package as a whole is becoming less popular with both Democrats and independents — that is, with the voters who will actually decide Biden’s fate.

Yeah, maybe people don’t understand anything about inflation at all and just understand things they like and don’t like.

Either way, one thing is definitely true: the Bidens are not going to do anything that benefits normal people in any way, ever.

Except for normal people who are holding Bitcoin. They will benefit them.