People Absolutely Love the Soundtrack in the Brenton Tarrant Mosque Shooting Footage

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
March 17, 2019

Every good movie needs a good soundtrack and Brenton Tarrant’s song selection has received widespread critical acclaim across the Internet.

The footage of Brenton Tarrant shooting up that mosque in Christchurch, New Zealand is legitimately the most entertaining thing I’ve seen in a long time. It was definitely far more entertaining than any of the horrible bullshit coming out of Jewish Hollywood film studios. Never mind the politics involved, the video is a masterpiece in film making. I would even go so far as to call it art.

But as much as I enjoyed watching Tarrant waste all of those filthy Moslem invaders, it was the little things that made the video a masterpiece. Specifically, Tarrant’s choice in music was excellent and fit the situation perfectly. Hilariously, all of these songs will be forever connected to the event and there is nothing that anybody can do to change that.

The 1968 song “Fire” by Arthur Brown was probably the most universally recognizable. The song plays in Tarrant’s car as he drives away from the mosque. The song was a big hit among the boomer generation and Tarrant has helped make it a hit for a completely new generation. The comments don’t lie, the people absolutely loved it.

Not surprisingly, Brown, who still makes public appearances, issued a disavowal and cancelled an upcoming performance. All stemming from Tarrant’s use of his song in the video.

Brown responded to the tragedy by canceling his show in Austin when he learned his lyrics for “Fire” were used during the terrorist attack. The tragedy was monstrous with over fifty people killed and fifty others wounded in the attack, New Zealand Police Commissioner Mike Bush announced Sunday.

Brown’s Facebook statement includes the following message: “As co-writer and performer of the song “Fire”, and creator of “The God of Hellfire’ persona, I would like to express my horror and sadness in the use of ‘Fire’, in an act of terror in New Zealand. My heart goes out to all the victims and families of victims of this atrocity – and to all the communities affected. I should like to say that I support no group or individual that uses terrorist tactics and killing as a means of dealing with other beliefs than their own. I believe that all religions reach for the same root in the human being. I believe all people of all colours and all races deserve equal respect. I also believe that all people have a duty of care towards each other and all creatures on this earth.”

“*OUT OF RESPECT for the victims of this horrifying act in New Zealand and following the advice of respected local authorities, I have decided to CANCEL the ‘instore’ performance at WATERLOO RECORDS in AUSTIN tomorrow.”

That’s just too bad though. Brown gained a whole new generation of fans thanks to Tarrant and I think he should be a bit more appreciative. But that’s just my opinion.

It’s also worth noting that “The Prodigy” sampled Brown’s original song for a track that they put out in the 1990s with the same name.

But the most important thing to note is how there are large numbers of comments referencing Tarrant, the Christchurch mosque shooting and kebab removal underneath the videos for all of these songs. This was a totally organic thing and it is only going to help further cement Tarrant and this footage within the cultural lexicon for years to come. It also shows that censoring and blacklisting the video will only prove futile and counterproductive for the corrupt ruling establishment.