Pentagon Wants to Send Thousands More Troops to the Middle East to Menace Iran!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 23, 2019

The lunatics are on the move.

Fox News:

The Pentagon is slated to request several thousand more U.S. troops be deployed to the Middle East amid escalating tensions with Iran, a senior U.S. defense official told Fox News on Wednesday.

No decision has been made, and it was not clear if the White House would give its blessing. The deployment could also include Patriot missile batteries and naval ships.

Tensions between Washington and Tehran came to a head after President Trump ordered warships and bombers to the Middle East earlier this month to counter unspecified threats to U.S. interests. In addition, all non-essential U.S. staff at the U.S. Embassy and Consulate in Iraq were ordered to leave following a surprise visit by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

Pompeo told Iraqi officials that the U.S. had been gathering intelligence that Iran is threatening American interests in the region.

Trump administration officials on Tuesday briefed Congress about the tensions with Iran, saying they were focused on trying to deter attacks and avoid a war.

“Our biggest focus at this point is to prevent Iranian miscalculation,” Acting Defense Secretary Parick Shanahan told reporters after the briefing. “We do not want the situation to escalate. This is about deterrence, not about war.”

Trump on Monday called Iran the “No. 1 provocateur of terror” and threatened to meet provocations with “great force.”

Trump is lying.

The “No. 1 provocateur of terror” is Israel. No. 2 is Saudi Arabia. Those are the parties that did 911, they are the funders of ISIS and the global international terrorist network. And no serious person disagrees with that analysis.

We are in the bizarro world of the silly kiddies.

Iran is in effect a normal country. They happen to have better genetics than the rest of the Islamic world, so they are the natural rulers of it. That is why Jew-controlled America has been at war with them for 40 years. They do not want Iran to develop into a regional power, because that would ultimately end up putting stress on Israel.

What Iran being a regional power would not put stress on is America. They would not allow for the chaos that is currently the defining factor of the region, and thus we would be able to trade more efficiently with the Middle East. And if there ever was a “rogue state,” Iran would be able to deal with it. And we could stay the hell out.

Everything about Iran is about Israel. This has nothing to do with America. So the fact that America is so concerned about it proves, beyond any doubt, that America’s foreign policy is controlled by Jews.

This is all self-explanatory. Anyone looking at the situation objectively would immediately come to this obvious conclusion. That is why there is a need for constant propaganda, the transmission of a completely false reality to the goyim.

You Can’t Fight a War with Iran

This entire idea of fighting a war with Iran is nonsensical. This nonsense goes far beyond the fact that it is not in our interests to do this, and into the realm of practical facts.

I think everyone is familiar with the disaster that was the Iraq war.

Let’s compare Iraq to Iran.

Iraq’s population in 2000 was 23 million.

Iran’s population now is 81 million.

The physical size of Iran is also about four times that of Iraq.

Without even considering the differences in military might, organization and human capital – which are massive – you necessarily have a war that is four times the size of the Iraq war.

The Iraq war resulted in 5,000 dead Americans and took 10 years.

So logically, the Iran war would result in a minimum of 20,000 dead Americans and take 40 years.

But then you include the fact that the US military has massively degraded since the invasion of Iraq, having been filled with brown people, women and homosexuals, and you have a situation that is significantly more dire.

The entire concept being presented to us is completely insane.

I don’t know if they are actually planning on doing this. These Jews are unpredictable and insane, and Trump has shown that more so than any other president in American history, he is willing to allow them to walk all over him.

If it is done, it will destroy the American Empire, forever.

So maybe we should be supporting it…?

Because no matter what, in order for the American people to survive, the American Empire must fall.

Maybe I should just return to my lulz and wait for the sky to fall?

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